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Factorio обновилась до экспериментальной 0.14.5!
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Список изменений версии 0.14.2-0.14.5(Changelog):

На Английском языке (оригинал)
Version: 0.14.2
Minor features:
— Notify when someone starts or changes the research in the console.
— Allowed to specify limit of the upload speed when hosting a multiplayer game.
This can be also specified when creating the headless server in the sserver-settings file by setting the max_upload_in_kilobytes_per_second
— When selecting player logistic requests and auto-trash filters the filter is automatically set to the item in the cursor if any.
— Increased the time the text written in the console (chat/commands) stay on the screen fully visible.
— Increased the distance of rail direction check for signal building from 3 to 5 rail segments
— Fixed signal to rail connection in junctions when rails are build after signals.
— Potential fix of desyncs related to transport belts and circuit network.
— Experimental attempt to limit server upload speed when it is too high and it causes all other players to have their latency increased.
This logic is only used when the «max_upload_in_kilobytes_per_second» is not specified.
— The download speed starts at higher value and grows faster.
— Fixed that personal logistics would stop working.
— Fixed crash related to removing progress bars when exiting the multiplayer.
— Fixed constant combinator description not showing negative signals.
— Fixed missing «saving-local-variant-of-mp» key.
— Fixed that rail remnants were not always properly removed when horizontal rails were built over.
— Fixed that server would crash on second RCON connection.
— Fixed that —allow-commands sometimes wouldn’t take effect.
— Fixed that attacking an enemy spawner with the flamethrower wouldn’t aggravate enemies.
— Fixed the drag-map control defaulting to shift + mouse button 1.
— Fixed achievement layout problems.
— Fixed logging in with an email address for mod/server browser wasn’t working.
— Fixed ping in the server browser not working.
— Don’t offer to save after server drop/quit when the map isn’t actually loaded.
— Fixed trains GUI wouldn’t scroll correctly when searching.
— Fixed crash when mining a vehicle the character was in while over water.
— Fixed that it was possible to put more energy into accumulator than its capacity through the script.

Version: 0.14.3
Minor features:
— When selecting anything that uses item/signal filters the filter is automatically set to the item in the cursor if any.
— When save of scenario is loaded in multiplayer, it’s scenario is saved in user scenarios.
— Added /time command to print the current map age.
— Added option to host multiplayer game with scenario (it only had new game/load game there).
— server-settings.json are automatically used if they are in the write path and not specified on the command line.
— Fonts specified in a locale configuration now have to specify the mod name in their paths.
For example, the default font is now specified as «default=__core__/fonts/TitilliumWeb-Regular.ttf».
— Fixed desync related to selection of trains.
— Fixed slowdown in recipe tooltips with large amounts of recipes.
— Fixed show_gui not working with game.take_screenshot.
— Fixed accidentally turned on graphics safe mode for all Steam users, which set graphics settings to low values.
— Fixed that the game eated all the CPU in headless mode when no player was there.
This also fixed that the memory used grew few bytes per tick when being a server.
— Fixed console commands not working when entered directly on Windows headless server.
— Fixed that the server would ignore specified username when given a login token.
— Fixed that it wasn’t possible for mods to use custom fonts.
— Fixed crash when removing mods that had items on transport belts that were connected to the circuit network.
— Fixed that right clicking in the craftign menu to craft 5 items wouldn’t de-focus the search widget.
— Fixed that joining paused game resulted in a black screen that was there until someone else unpaused it.
— Fixed that map2scenario errors when loading an edited save file that contained assembling machines connected to inserters.
— Fixed that the exit message was wrong when the person just dropped. (saying he couldn’t keep up)
— Fixed that after reconnecting to server using the small save/quit/reconnect window didn’t close the window.
— Potential desync fix related to locomotives being selected in the same tick they are mined by someone else.
— Potential fix of crash after a desync.
— Moved LuaControlBehavior::disabled to LuaGenericOnOffControlBehavior::disabled and fixed it to work correctly.
— Fixed crash after confirming other settings as a server in multiplayer game.

Version: 0.14.4
Minor features:
— Included the ghost/god controller movement in the latency hiding.
— Research notifications are only printed to players of the same force.
— Removed the /team command, chat is team only by default, added /shout (/s) command to speak to everyone.
— Tweaked the /help command, so it prints just the list of commands, and it is required to write /help to get details
— Fixed crash when entities are migrated across types while in blueprints.
— Fixed crash when setting filters in the map editor.
— Don’t allow to deconstruct tiles that have nothing under it.
— Added read/write of LuaPlayer::tag. This tag is added to the player username in chat and on map.
— Added LuaEntityPrototype::logistic_mode read.
— Added a 4th (optional) parameter to LuaGameScript::write_file to write only for a specific player (or the server).
— Fixed crash when entities are migrated across types while in blueprints.
— Fixed crash when setting filters in the map editor.
— Additional desync fix related to selection of trains.
— Fixed crash when canceling deconstruction of tiles of other force.
— Fixed crash related to reconnecting to a game after 3 desyncs
— Fixed crash when using quickbar shortcuts in ghost mode in multiplayer.
— Fixed crash when changing player’s controller in multiplayer while the player opens entity GUI with inventory.
— Fixed crash when opening entities that only exist in the latency hiding.
— Additional latency state fixes related to lag spikes and latency changes.
— Fix of one way (hopefully the only one), the ghost player could appear.
— Fixed freeze with specific modded recipes.
— Fixed LuaForce::research_progress could return invalid values in specific cases.
— Fixed error when manually calling LuaGameScript::raise_event().
— Added additional inventory defines: car_fuel, car_trunk, car_ammo, and cargo_wagon.
— Fixed that the server commands didn’t work when there was noone online and the autostop was on (again) ()
— Fixed that LuaUnitGroup::set_command wouldn’t update the command of its members.
— Fixed that mod GUIs would get left behind if the mod was disabled due to an invalid factorio_version.
— Fxied that the Lua console would ignore first pressed key if the «toggle console» control was bound to a mouse button.
— Fixed wrong fonts used for languages using non-latin characters.
— Fixed crash on blueprint placement with rail signals with connected wires.

Version: 0.14.5
— Added Team Production Challenge scenario to the base game.
Minor features:
— It is possible to /ban players who aren’t present in the map.
— The headless server saves the banlist in banlist.json file, so a server owner can maintain a single banlist across multiple maps.
— Added /silent-command: Same as /c, but doesn’t print the command ran to every player’s console. Available only to server admins and over RCON or server console.
— Added /purge : removes all messages by the given player from chat. Admin only command.
— Added /clear — clears your chat window.
— Added /mute and unmute : prevents the given player from talking in chat. Admin only commands.
— Added /mutes: displays all muted players.
— Added /ignore and unignore : ignores messages from the given player. Admin and RCON messages are still shown.
— Added /ignores: displays all players you’re ignoring.
— Command names in the console can be tab-completed.
— Player names in the console can be tab-completed.
— Added AFK Auto kick interval to multiplayer host settings (with never as default).
— Fixed that the headless server would create a character when run with —no-auto-pause. This prevented people from joining their own servers.
— Fixed that the game could desync when LuaForce::players was used, as the order was not in well defined order.
— Fixed making blueprints wouldn’t reset the build rotation.
— Fixed that input actions were triggered even though a text box was focused.
— Fixed that blueprint/deconstruction would run while on the map view.
— Fixed train getting stuck on a yellow signal ()
— Fixed that the notification about changed research was shown even when the other player selected the same research as already in progress.
— Fixed that underground belt «teleported» few items when the connection was built.
— Fixed that the mod info gui wasn’t scrollable, so it didn’t fit the screen sometimes.
— Fixed that saving scenario to the same directory it was loaded for resulted in deleting all the script and locale files.
— Fixed that the menu wasn’t accessible when the respawn countdown was there, until the menu was closed and opened again.
— Fixed inserters sometimes taking items from cargo wagons not in front of it.
— Fixed that clicking a mod’s GUI during an autosave would crash the game.
— Fixed /reply wouldn’t work properly when players have names with tags.
— Fixed shadows being drawn over pipe and storage tank windows.
— Added LuaEntity::supports_direction
— Changed LuaEntity::direction write to not error if the entity doesn’t support directions.
— Moved the top gui to be above the left gui as in 0.13 ()
— Added LuaPlayer::afk_ticks and LuaPlayer::online_ticks.

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Factorio обновилась до экспериментальной 0.14.1!
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Список изменений версии 0.14.1(Changelog):

На Английском языке (оригинал)
— Fixed that exiting hosting game could stuck Factorio forever.
— Possible fix game not showing in browse game list.
— Fixed that a very big number of biters on a map could cause very significant UPS drop.

— Исправлено возможное зависание Factorio при выходе из созданной игры.
— Возможное исправление ошибки, из-за которой игра не отображается в списке игр.
— Исправлено существенное падение UPS из-за большого количества Кусак на карте.

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Экспериментальная версия Factorio обновилась до 0.14.0!
Скачать Factorio 0.14.0 можно на нашем сайте.

Список изменений версии 0.14.0(Changelog):

На Английском языке (оригинал)
— Changed train wait conditions to use standard boolean precedence for evaluation, instead of a simple left to right accumulative evaluation.
— Increased tank machine gun range to 20.
— Fixed console command warning not sticking through save-load.
— Fixed that vehicle machine guns would show in the logistics request and inventory filter selections.
— Fixed crash when number animation variations of unit-spawner entity is reduced.
— Fixed clearing blueprints didn’t clear the label.
— Fixed crash when removing entities that had active alerts.
— Fixed that sending random garbage to the RCON port could crash Factorio.
— Fixed GUI size issues with modded recipes that have a ton of effects.
— Fixed script errors with tight spot level 5.
— Fixed the market entity not migrating/handling removed items it was offering.
— Fixed sound settings not applying when pressing escape.
— Fixed a crash that would happen after changing UI scale with the inventory open.
— Fixed deconstruction would reset the build rotation value.
— Fixed copy-paste between inventory sizes applying the inventory restriction oddly.
— fixed game.regenerate_entitiy() not working at all.
— Fixed that it was possible to create an assembling machine with zero energy usage.
— Fixed crash when trying to connect wires to entities with 0 wire connection distance.
— Fixed LuaSurface::map_gen_settings.shift not working.
— Fixed chunk positions would get improperly rounded instead of floored.
— Added LuaConstantCombinatorControlBehavior::enabled read/write.
— Added upper limit to resolution parameter of LuaGameScript::take_screenshot function. Limit for width and height is 16384.
— Added LuaStyle::visible read/write.

Исправлен мультиплеер
1) Внутренняя надежность и стабильность.
2) Игрокам не придется ждать других клиентов, чтобы скачать и загрузить игру.
3) Снижение сетевого трафика.
4) Возможность открыть меню и выйти из игры во время подключения к игре.
5) Сервер не остановливает/замедляет игру, когда какой-нибудь игрок слишком медленный(лагает), отключается или сохраняет игру дольше, чем сервер.
6) Игроков автоматически выкидывает из игры после 3 ошибок синхронизации.
7) Настройки скорости загрузки.

Добавлена команда «/team», для отправки сообщения всем игрокам с одной команды.

Незначительные особенности:
При выборе фильтров инвентаря — фильтр автоматически устанавливается на курсор если таковые имеются(?).

Отключена возможность загрузки сохранений старых версий (До 0.11.0 (можно использовать 0.11.22, чтобы загрузить старые сейвы и сохранить их заново).
Убрана опция, для включения/отключения скрытия задержки(?), теперь она всегда включена у клиентов (и отключена на сервере).

Factorio больше не вылетает при отключении устройства Direct3D из-за блокировки экрана или перехода в режим сна.

Добавлена сетка оборудования для: автомобилей, танков, локомотивов и грузовых вагонов.
Изменение категорий оборудования и сетки оборудования*, которые определяют, какое оборудование может быть установлено в эту сетку*.
Changed equipment grids to work as protoypes: defined and referenced by things that use them.(???)

*Сетка оборудования — окно экипировки, куда можно установить различные модульные предметы для модульной брони игрока, и теперь транспорта.

— Fixed LuaSurface::map_gen_settings.shift not working.
— Fixed chunk positions would get improperly rounded instead of floored.
— Added LuaConstantCombinatorControlBehavior::enabled read/write.
— Added upper limit to resolution parameter of LuaGameScript::take_screenshot function. Limit for width and height is 16384.
— Added LuaStyle::visible read/write.