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Стабильная версия Factorio 0.15.31 стала доступной для скачивания!

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Список изменений версии 0.15.31

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Version: 0.15.31
Date: 25. 07. 2017
Small features:
— Train stop text angle is now configurable in the graphics settings. Default value is 30 degrees.
— Fixed that resizing the game window was very slow on Linux.
— Fixed rendering of turret ranges on map.
— Fixed «Disable listed mods» in minimal mode would disable all mods including Base if mod-list.json didn’t exist.
— Fixed that pressing escape in the «mods error» GUI would close it and leave the game in a broken state.
— Fixed possible crash when loading game.
— Car and Tank now make a sound when deconstructed.
— Fixed that using the color command with no arguments would set your color to black.
— Fixed a crash when deleting a blueprint book while the label is being edited in the blueprint library.
— Fixed crash when closing the game in the Generate Map GUI.
— Fixed that the generate map GUI would show incorrect values for some of the enemy expansion settings in some cases.
— Fixed that some blueprints would always have to be reuploaded after connecting to a server, even if they weren’t changed.
— Fixed that the map seed field wouldn’t be used when given in a map-gen-settings.json file through the command line.
— Fixed that missing controls in «autoplace_controls» for map gen settings would get filled with default values instead of disabling unlisted controls.
— Fixed that blueprints would stop transferring if the game was loaded from a map that included some transfers in progress.
— Fixed missing font for Thai language.
— Changed the hazard concrete/concrete tile transition so it behaves predictively.
— Fixed layered icons would render incorrectly in some cases.
— Fixed a crash when using LuaPlayer::disable_all_prototypes() and opening the technology GUI.
— Fixed that research bonus could be set to negative.
— Fixed that items in the character trash slots would get lost on reducing inventory size instead of spilling the items on the ground.
— Fixed validation for pickup_position and drop_position.
— Exposed internal buffer of fluid turret to Lua as its last fluidbox.
— Added LuaEntityPrototype::fluid_capacity read.

Version: 0.15.30
Date: 14. 07. 2017
— Fixed crash related to empty player blueprint shelf.
— Fixed crash related to handling focused state of widgets.
— Fixed possible crash when using font with size 0.
— Fixed focus error preventing to access GUI when the game is paused in multiplayer.
— Fixed a crash when the map can’t be saved to disk due to permission errors when joining MP games.
— Added optional «hide_resistances» to entity prototype to control whether resistances should be hidden in description for friendly forces. Default is true.

Version: 0.15.29
Date: 13. 07. 2017
— Underground pipes will no longer connect if there is candidate ghost underground pipe between them.
— Command line option —window-size can be also used to start the game in maximized mode when used as —window-size=maximized
— The library no longer shows unavailable blueprints of off-line players, since there is nothing that can be done with them.
— Fixed that the edit field of a blueprint book in the shared pane would get reset every time crafting finished.
— Fixed that setting visibility to false on modded GUI elements while a text field had focus would keep blocking normal input.
— Fixed a performance problem when having the blueprint library GUI open while robots add/remove large amounts of items from the character.
— Fixed that walls and pipes built from blueprints could mark trees/rocks for deconstruction by mistake in some instances.
— Fixed entities with force color (turrets, gates, …) would be drawn black in blueprint preview.
— Fixed false positive in game state corruption detection logic.
— Fixed pipette tool would pick diagonal rail with wrong direction.
— Fixed migrating save from level 4 of New Hope campaign would disable Plane recipe.
— Fixed that the blueprint library wouldn’t close when Q is pressed and bound to the Close Window action.
— Fixed that blueprints would stop transferring if the game was saved whilst some transfers were in progress and then reloaded from this save.
— Fixed error with modal focus related to having blueprint error message and removed content message at the same time.
— Fixed server wouldn’t close and delete a temporary save file made for a client that disconnected before the server finished saving.
— Fixed that standing on belts facing each other between two chunks would cause the player actions to run at double speed.
— Fixed that in an artificial test-case, two blueprints couldn’t in the library at the same time.
— The Pipette tool will now copy the rotations of vehicles and trains.
— Fixed that making blueprints of ghost tiles on top of real tiles would have seemingly «random» results in the blueprint.
— Possible fix of the double «Communication with server failed» error.
— Fixed entities to be built wouldn’t get rendered in some places when hovering over transparent GUI elements in the map editor.
— Added optional «render_not_in_network_icon» for logistic container prototypes defaulting to true.
— Fixed empty sprite path would cause game to crash instead of entering minimal mode.
— Added LuaItemStack::swap_stack().
— Added on_player_removed event.


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