Factorio 0.15.21 список изменений, скачать игру

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Factorio 0.15.21 стала доступной для скачивания!

Скачать Factorio 0.15.21 можно на нашем сайте.

Список изменений версии 0.15.21(Пока без перевода):

Version: 0.15.21
Date: 15. 06. 2017
— Fixed that the server would crash if someone tried to connect when there were no blueprints being transferred.

Version: 0.15.20
— Transports belt entities show belt speed in the tooltip and entity description.
— Reduced fluid wagon air resistance from 0.05 to 0.01
— Scenario names are now localised.
— Fixed login details getting lost (hopefully).
— Fixed a crash that would happen if the game exited due to a script error that happened immediately after deleting a force.
— Fixed int mod settings would show incorrect values in the GUI.
— Fixed gun sounds would continue when switching weapons while firing.
— Fixed a performance issue caused by spawners being active all the time in peaceful mode.
— Fixed a crash when removing train stops next to other train stops and then building locomotives.
— Fixed a rare desync related to opening your player inventory.
— Fixed a crash when teleporting/setting the force of a offline roboport.
— Fixed inserters with custom pickup/drop locations from mods would retain the custom data when the mods were removed.
— Fixed a crash when deleting blueprint records from the blueprint library while another player is viewing the record tooltip.
— Fixed that some clients wouldn’t be able to connect to a server when blueprints were being uploaded.
— Fixed that Factorio wouldn’t start when run from an NFS partition.
— Fixed crash on macOS older than 10.9
— Removed unused «energy consumption» from the roboport equipment.
— Fixed that setting researched = true on level-based research in progress wouldn’t update the research level displayed.
— Fixed that game.write_file would cause desyncs if it failed due to file permission issues.
— Fixed a crash related to the train changed state event.
— Added events on_player_setup_blueprint, on_player_deconstructed_area, and on_player_configured_blueprint.
— Added LuaEntity::secondary_bounding_box read.
— Added LuaForce::worker_robots_battery_modifier read/write.
— Added LuaGuiElement::enabled read/write.

Version: 0.15.19
— Added alarm sounds to programmable speaker.
— Fullscreen is on by default.
— Locomotive snaps to a train stop when placing the first locomotive next to the train stop.
— Changed automation and fluid wagon research so it doesn’t have multiples of science packs per unit.
— —start-server-load-scenario can load scenarios provided by a mod.
For example, —start-server-load-scenario base/wave-defense will load the wave-defense scenario from the base mod.
— Changed the icon of the automation research, so it is not confused with the logistics research.
— Fixed that destroyed transport belt could leave zombified items in nearby tile
— Fixed inserter zombification at rail junctions
— Fixed visual seams on map/minimap
— Fixed that gate over rail could be rotated
— Fixed GUI size problems with the logistic networks GUI.
— Fixed that the headless server didn’t close when it failed. (Most typically because of script error)
— Fixed misaligned force color mask on capsule projectiles.
— Fixed crash when changing player’s controller, when player was controlling a vehicle with god controller.
— Fixed a crash caused by manually deactivated units.
— Fixed that exporting blueprints wouldn’t respect the current filter options in the setup GUI.
— Fixed that selection-by-typing in listboxes would also trigger normal game actions.
— Fixed that adding stops to a train could change the current station.
— Fixed that the search text didn’t reset after leaving the browse-mods GUI.
— Fixed that the mods-load-error GUI could end up too large to fit on screen.
— Fixed a crash when interacting with the «save/quit/reconnect» window after losing connection with a server.
— Fixed crashes when locking bitmap fails.
— Fixed rail preview was rendered under entities.
— Fixed message box in main menu being not clickable
— Fixed trains stuttering on extremely short paths.
— Fixed flamethrower stream would destroy trees directly.
— Fixed that some information was missing from generator entities.
— Fixed that Factorio would hang on Linux after trying to paste a string when the clipboard was empty.
— Fixed generating unwinnible research tasks in team production scenario.
— Fixed that clicking escape while connecting to the game could lead to weird situations as the normal menu was opened.
Pressing escape while connecting will abort the connection instead.
— Fixed the productivity bar in the mining drill wouldn’t show in some cases.
— Fixed that the blueprint book gui didn’t stretch vertically when possible.
— Fixed inconsistent hovered font color on buttons and dropdowns.
— Fixed train stuttering with only disabled stations in their schedule
— Fixed that you could disconnect wires at any distance.
— Fixed the icon used when rendering coal being held by construction robots.
— Fixed headless server on macOS getting stuck when in background
— Fixed that attempting to edit a blueprint label for the second time would show the original label before any edits were made.
— Fixed that —start-server-load-scenario wouldn’t give an error when the specified scenario couldn’t be found.
— Fixed that robots would leave items on the ground when building ghosts in some cases.
— Fixed train GUI size problems when the fuel tab is removed due to it going out of reach.
— Fixed that blacklisting tile ghosts in the deconstruction planner didn’t work.
— Fixed that the fluid wagon wouldn’t show the equipment grid when one was added through mods.
— Fixed loading the item-with-tags item type.
— Fixed set_command with an empty list of commands would crash the game.
— Fixed LuaRandomGenerator docs.
— Added LuaTechnology::level write support for level-based technology.


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