Factorio 0.15.18 список изменений, скачать игру

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Factorio 0.15.18 стала доступной для скачивания!

Скачать Factorio 0.15.18 можно на нашем сайте.

Список изменений версии 0.15.18(Пока без перевода):

Version: 0.15.18
— Fixed that wire connections were not preserved in tightspot campaign.
— Fixed various crashes on macOS related to logistic counts.
— Changed default value of «allow_custom_vectors» in inserter prototype to true, vanilla inserters set it to false explicitly.

Version: 0.15.17
— Inserters in high resolution; normal resolution inserters are unchanged.
— Fixed some inconsistencies in programmable speaker gui
— Fixed that headless mode wiped out controls section of config file
— Fixed that detached roboports (e.g. after blackout) would not reset circuit network readings on number of robots
— Fixed that active blueprint/deconstruction-planner selection did not reset when switching between game and map
— Fixed AltGr behavior with special characters
— Fixed that mining bar would steal mouse focus
— Fixed the /evolution command would underflow when showing negative pollution values.
— Fixed crash when mod-list failed to save when exiting the game.
— Fixed game would not save at all if generating preview picture failed.
— Fixed desync related to driving vehicles.
— Fixed unnecessary quotes in programmable speaker note translations
— Fixed that the bonus GUI wouldn’t fit on screen with a large amount of modded content.
— Fixed crash when closing public server.
— Fixed that filter inserters lost their filter in tightspot campaign.
— Fixed empty space would be rendered if glyph was missing in current font.
— Fixed that resizing the game window while catching up after joining a multiplayer game would leave the map blank.
— Fixed issue and desync when disconnecting one wire color of an entity connected to 2 wire colors.
— Fixed a multiplayer crash that would happen when a player left whilst uploading their blueprint library and then rejoined the same server.
— Fixed another issue that prevented spawners from spawning.
— Fixed game would fail to load if max-texture-size was too low.
— Moved the «mod-settings.json» file so it now resides in the «mods» subfolder allowing it to work with the mod-directory command line option.
— Added support for virtual-signal migrations.
— Inserters now require the inserter prototype property «allow_custom_vectors» to be true before they allow setting custom pickup/drop locations.
— Font paths were moved from locale cfg to locale info.json (see core/en/info.json).
— Changed default value of hand_length in inserter prototype to 0.75, to make inserter shadow look nicer.
— Fixed crash when teleporting character entities while in vehicles.
— Fixed that character.character_maximum_following_robot_count_bonus didn’t work.
— Fixed that /help for lua commands wouldn’t do parameter substitution correctly.
— Added LuaEntityPrototype::resource_categories, fluid, and pumping_speed read.
— Added LuaEntity::previous_recipe read.
— Added LuaEntityPrototype::stack/allow_custom_vectors read.
— Changed LuaEntityPrototype::speed to also work for rolling stocks.

Version: 0.15.16
— Temporarily reverted GUI interaction changes (some GUI elements responding only to left mouse button,
buttons clicked on mouse up instead of mouse down) introduced in 0.15.13 and 0.15.14.
— Fixed the «back» button wouldn’t work in the save-game GUI.
— Fixed the «cancel» button wouldn’t work in the user-login GUI.
— Fixed that the map editor item/inventory buttons didn’t work.
— Fixed beacons would «wobble» in blueprints.
— Fixed crashes related to clicking different buttons.
— As a one-time migration, enemy spawners will reset their absorbed pollution to zero when a save from a previous version of 0.15 is loaded.
This is to avoid an extreme temporary spike in difficulty that would happen after loading a save with many spawners that were affected by a bug in the previous versions.
— Fixed the market GUI didn’t work.
— Fixed crash when pollution reaches unreasonably far chunk.
— Fixed power bars glitch in electric network statistics dialog.
— Fixed setting LuaGuiElement::elem_value would always expect the elem_type to be «item».


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