Factorio 0.15.15 список изменений, скачать игру

Factorio 0.15.15 стала доступной для скачивания!

Скачать Factorio 0.15.15 можно на нашем сайте.

Список изменений версии 0.15.15(Пока без перевода):

Version: 0.15.15
— Fixed desync related to loading pre 0.15.14 save with beacons marked for deconstruction without resaving it first.
— Fixed that spawners would sometimes stop spawning units even when polluted.
— Fixed crash when changing assembling machine recipe.
— Fixed crash that would happen after clicking a button in the tech tree.
— Fixed crash when creating smoke entity through create-entity trigger effect.
— Added Entity::update_connections. It updates connection of loader and beacon to entities that might have been
teleported out or in. The effect might include more things later on.
Version: 0.15.14
— Optimised beacon update times which helps especially when the power is not full and it fluctuates.
— Added support for using username and password for proxy connections.
— Changed technology sorting. All of the science pack types affect the order, not just the most expensive one.
— Leading and trainling whitespaces will be trimmed from host name or IP address entered to Direct Connect multiplayer dialog.
— Electric network info window shows all connected entities in the list and the graph even when they have 0 consuption/production.
This means, that the count of entities connected to the network is shown even if they don’t consume or produce.
— Electric poles that have 0 consumption as well as 0 production show empty electricity graph instead of full.
— Keypad enter is treated as regular enter
— All buttons apart the inventory/recipe/crafting queue and item selection slot react on mouse click instead of just mouse down.
— Fixed that mining drills would continue to insert into entities when moved far away.
— Fixed that right click and drag in the blueprint setup GUI didn’t work to remove things from the blueprint.
— Fixed that blueprint icons couldn’t be removed with right click.
— Fixed that right-clicking items in the crafting queue didn’t work to cancel 5.
— Fixed window being created slightly offscreen on certain resolutions.
— Fixed that the edit field for a blueprint book would get reset when bots delivered items to the player.
— Fixed that inserter facing north was slower compared to other directions.
— Fixed that the solaris achievement ignored usage of steam-turbines.
— Fixed that setting logistic requests didn’t work in the map editor.
— Fixed crash after dropping a blueprint into a book inside the blueprint library.
— Fixed loading blueprint library from before 0.15.4 might crash.
— Fixed a crash related to changing the rail system when signals get disconnected from blocks.
— Fixed that furnaces and assembling machines weren’t rotatable with heat pipe connection.
— Fixed crash when using —load-game with an error in a mod.
— Fixed reading LuaCommandProcessor::commands when one of the help keys was empty.
— Fixed that disabled mods could change the mod event order.
— Fixed changing force of lab ghost would cause desync.
— Added LuaCustomGuiElement type «text-box».
Version: 0.15.13
— Most of the gui elements now work only with left mouse button, so other buttons might be used without intefering with gui.
— Fixed that biters would sometimes try to attack indestructible entities.
— Fixed that clearing the blueprint label would make the GUI show the previous label.
— Fixed personal laser defense equipment shooting at player in vehicle would hit the player instead of the vehicle.
— Fixed that the edit label button on blueprint books in the library could get hidden behind the delete button.
— Fixed missing space after timestamp in server console output messages that didn’t contain tag.
— Fixed that the blueprint library wouldn’t update blueprints stored in books. (22 22)
— Fixed that reach-distance checks for curved rails only checked against one end of the rail.
— Fixed bonus GUI display values when the bonuses were negative.
— Fixed that the auto launch settings of rocket silo was not saved in blueprint.
— Fixed beta campaign level 02 would error for migrated save games.
— Fixed locked belts in demo campaign level 03.
— Localised programmable speaker notes and instruments.
— Fixed that mining drill window got repositioned to the center every time it switched to another resource.
— Fixed fluids/virtual signals in the blueprint library wouldn’t migrate correctly between different modded saves.
— Before 0.14 the game didn’t track online time of players, this caused that games transitioned from pre 0.14 could prevent players to get achivements
until they spent enough of time in the game again. So for single player games, when transitioning to 0.15.13, the online time is reset to be full time of the map.
— Fixed that the bonus progress of assembling machine didn’t reset when the recipe was changed by using copy paste.
This could be exploited to get extra free product of expensive items.
— Fixed crash when loading modded saves that used the flamethrow-explosion entity type.
— Fixed performance problems when building rails related to large rail sections and chain signals.
— Fixed desync related to trains.
— Fixed blueprint library wouldn’t use the Open Item GUI keybind.
— Fixed that errors in mod locale would only show in the log file instead of giving the standard mod-error GUI.
— Fixed that turret help view on map did show turrets from other surfaces.
— Fixed that silo script didn’t validate items on configuration changes.
— Fixed that tightspot level 05 had incorrect recipes unlocked.
— Fixed that you could pippete items and break transport belt madness.
— Fixed that the game would crash when trying to load corrupt blueprint-storage.dat.
— Fixed that map was not updated correctly when tile editing ended up changing other tiles in different chunk.
— Fixed crash when loading modded saves that contained specific items without the mods.
— You can now open circuit network connectible entities while holding copper wire.
— Fixed crash when closing the game window in Browse Games/Play on LAN gui.
— Fixed that the bonus progress bar of furnace disappeared when the smelting was not currently in progress.
— Fixed that changing recipe in the furnace didn’t reset the bonus progress bar.
— Fixed that selection box of rotated (and modded) storage tank wasn’t respecting the rotation properly.
— Electric energy sources now support effectivity.
— Fixed crash when mods add values to data.raw incorrectly.
— Fixed some entities using heat energy source types wouldn’t connect to heat pipes correctly when rotated.
— Mod settings now shows the mod display name instead of the mod ID name (My Mod Name instead of my-mod-name).
— Changing mod startup settings will now fire the on_configuration_changed event when appropriate.
— Fixed crash when using game.take_screenshot and then deleting the surface.
— Fixed the old train ID wouldn’t be included in some cases during the on_train_created event.
— Fixed crash when trying to register negative event ids.
— Fixed that force.reset_technology_effects() didn’t preserve currently researched technology and saved technology progress.
— Fixed LuaEntity::neighbours return format to match the docs.
— Fixed LuaPlayer::mine_entity() would return false when successfully mining the given entity.
— Changed create_entity ‘item-request-proxy’ «modules» to take the same format as LuaEntity::item_requests.
— Changed LuaSurface::freeze_daytime() to freeze_daytime read/write.
— Removed LuaPlayer::cursor_position.
— Added LuaEntity::proxy_target read — the target an item-request-proxy is pointing at if any.
— Added LuaEntityPrototype/LuaEquipmentPrototype::electric_energy_source_prototype read.
— Added LuaEntityPrototype::fluid_usage_per_tick, maximum_temperature read, target_temperature.
— Added LuaForce::get_saved_technology_progress() and set_saved_technology_progress().
— Added LuaFluidPrototype::gas_temperature read.


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