Factorio 0.15.12 список изменений, скачать игру

Factorio 0.15.12 стала доступной для скачивания!

Скачать Factorio 0.15.12 можно на нашем сайте.

Список изменений версии 0.15.12(Пока без перевода):

— Zooming with the mousewheel in the map and zoom-to-world is less aggresive.
— Fast entity transfer by dragging (ctrl + clicking and dragging) will remember if you’re trying to insert or extract items.
— Changed the deconstruction planner «trees only» filter to «trees/rocks only».
— Lab speed info in the description contains the researched speed bonus as well.
— Sprite quality defaults to High when at least 2.7 GB VRAM is detected (instead of 1.7 GB).
— Video memory usage defaults to All when at least 1.5 GB VRAM is detected (instead of 0.8 GB).
— The statistics window (electric/production/kills) will automatically move to avoid being partially offscreen.
— Fixed that keypad /*-+, enter and delete were not usable in the text boxes if assigned in the controls.
— Fixed that power poles could be built at any distance by exploiting click-and-drag.
— Fixed marking underground belt output for deconstruction wouldn’t block input from pushing more items into the underground part.
— Fixed «Read Stopped Train» checkbox not showing the correct value.
— Fixed entities with a burner energy source would show the incorrect power consumption.
— Fixed that production achievements could not be obtained.
— Fixed that some achievements (raining bullets, logistic network embargo, maybe more) were not properly marked as gained.
— Show the productivity bonus on mining drills even when they have no other effects on them.
— Fixed some GUI shortcuts not working when colliding with other shortcuts.
— Fixed that electric network visualisation on chart showed electric poles from other surfaces.
— Fixed that non-ASCII input wasn’t possible on Linux.
— Fixed error when loading a save containing a folder which contained only subfolders but no files.
— Fixed swinging axe as attack might spawn mining particles of a nearby tree or resournce patch.
— Fixed that signals built by robots on places that didn’t match the suggested direction didn’t connect. This caused that some
otherwise correct blueprints required manual intervention to fix the signals.
— Fixed handling of X11 focus events.
— Fixed trains wouldn’t leave disabled stations when the next station in the schedule was the same station.
— Fixed train stops wouldn’t import as string correctly.
— Fixed requester chests would render numbers larger than 2,147,483,647 as negative values.
— Fixed logging in with email in updater set your username to your email.
— Fixed that electric boiler didn’t work.
— Fixed int mod setting error display message didn’t show the upper limit correctly.
— Fixed cloning blueprint books wouldn’t copy the label/active index.
— Fixed that inoperable entities couldn’t be rotated even when rotatable was true.
— Changed LuaItemStack::trees_only to trees_and_rocks_only.
— Added LuaEntity::loader_type write.
— Added LuaFlowStatistics::on_flow().
— Fixed lua documentation for DeciderCombinatorParameters and CircuitCondition.
— Fixed passing invalid arguments to LuaGame::take_screenshot would cause desync.
Version: 0.15.11
Date: 16. 05. 2017
Minor Features:
— When a train is stopped at the train stop, a circuit network signal is sent with a unique number for that train.
— Added headless server option —server-id to allow specifying custom path to the server ID file.
— Increased the minimum custom UI scale from 50% to 80% to avoid some scaling issues.
— The zoom level at which the map switches from ‘map view’ to ‘world view’ was increased.
— The first level of infinite researches is not needed for the tech maniac achievement anymore.
— The game will default to low sprite quality on computers with less than 2.5GB RAM.
— Tweaked the rocket launch gui. It doesn’t show the result inventory slot when it is empty to avoid confusion when people put the setellite in it.
— Removed the zoom-to-world-outside-coverage debug option because it was causing issues.
— Added «create specialized sprite atlases» option to graphics settings. If checked, tile and shadow sprites won’t be put into separated sprite atlases
instead of the main one. This should give graphics driver more room to fit required sprites to graphics memory.
— Added «atlas texture size» option to graphics settings. Larger atlas texture can fit more sprites into single atlas which reduces CPU load when rendering.
But smaller atlases are more likely to fit into VRAM and reduce GPU load when rendering.
— Fixed nuclear reactor and centrifuge were not placed into toolbelt automatically.
— Tweaked the way heat pipes work, mainly to make it work the same regardless order of build.
— Fixed that click-and-drag interaction logic didn’t work for trains.
— Another attempt to fix the ranged-based research info in the technology icon.
— Fixed that not all items were cleared in the transport belt madness campaign.
— Fixed that browse games table was inconsistent after resizing.
— Achievements should no longer be unlocked when replaying a game.
— Updated supply challenge level requirements.
— Fixed fluids consumed/produced by boilers didn’t show in the production stats.
— Fixed that pasting very large strings wouldn’t work on Linux.
— Fixed naming convention of transport belt madness campaign levels.
— Fixed copy-paste with containers so they correctly copy the inventory size limit.
— Fixed the progress bars in the lab wouldn’t show correctly in some cases.
— Achievements are no longer be unlocked when replaying a game.
— Achievements are no longer unlocked by playing multiplayer game in which the player spent less than 50% of time online.
— Fixed that the blueprint renaming textbox would close every time crafting finished.
— core/backers.json is now included in the core data crc. This means that different content of this file will be properly detected when joining multiplayer game.
— Fixed that loader filters were not saved in the blueprint string.
— Gas color is now tinted with the fluids ‘flow_color’.
— Fix wave defense crash when a silo died while nobody was connected.
— Fixed that the «confirm and download» button in the sync-mods-with-save wouldn’t restart the game once all mods were downloaded.
— Fixed construction robots could get stuck trying to repair curved rail forever.
— Fixed that the technology cost tooltip description wouldn’t scale correctly.
— Fixed that the /help command when run from the server console would always output the server commands list.
— Fixed strange behavior when a train has the same station in the list multiple times with no other valid station.
— Fixed crash related to dying with some GUI open.
— Fixed rail signals getting stuck reserved when mining/building rails in some setups.
— Fixed desync when pumps are setup to pump into the output of an assembling machine.
— Fixed the final level of formula based research would show the wrong name when researched.
— Fixed crash when maximizing the game with the achievements window open.
— Fixed switching weapons while firing in the tank would keep playing the previous weapon sound.
— The productivity value in the miner description now contains also the researched bonus.
— Fixed insert seding a signal twice during fast replace.
— Fixed crash that would sometimes happen when a player left whilst some other player was in the process of joining.
— Fixed hazard concrete item description.
— Fixed that some of the slider in the new game settings weren’t controllable by scrollbar.
— Fixed recipes with long names would extend out of the tooltip GUI.
— Fixed keyboard input would be blocked in tutorial, if console was opened when entering the tutorial.
— Fixed robots could deliver the wrong number of modules during roboport blackouts.
— Fixed that the game would freeze if there was no valid place to drop items on limited size maps.
— Fixed fire wouldn’t pollute in some cases.
— Fixed that the delete-blueprint button would show when it wouldn’t actually work.
— Fixed an error when resource scaling results in amounts too large to store in a resource entity.
— Fixed generator power output was always based on heat capacity and default temperature of water.
— Fixed logistic and construction radius visualization sprites would ignore tint.
— Fixed setting technology::researched wouldn’t research all levels of a formula based technology.
— Fixed it was possible to add gui element with same to the same parent name more than once.
— Fixed the custom camera widget wouldn’t render the correct entities when switching the surface it was rendering for.
— Fixed LuaTrain::schedule would allow an invalid current schedule record.
— Added LuaEntityPrototype::mining_speed, mining_power, energy_usage, max_energy_usage, normal_resource_amount, infinite_depletion_resource_amount, attack_parameters read.
— Added LuaLampControlBehavior::color read.
— Added LuaRailSignalControlBehavior::red_signal, orange_signal, green_signal, close_signal, read_signal, circuit_condition read/write.
— Added LuaEntityPrototype::mineable_properties fluid_amount, required_fluid, mining_trigger, effectivity, consumption, friction_force, braking_force,
tank_driving, rotation_speed, turret_rotation_speed, guns, speed, speed_multiplier_when_out_of_energy, max_payload_size, energy_per_move, energy_per_tick,
max_energy, min_to_charge, max_to_charge properties, and building_grid_bit_shift.
— Added LuaBurner::fuel_category read.
— Added LuaBurnerPrototype.
— Added LuaControl::mine_entity().
— Added LuaEntity::text read/write.
— Added read/write support for flying text color through LuaEntity::color.
— Added LuaTrain::get_fluid_count(), get_fluid_contents(), remove_fluid(), insert_fluid(), and clear_fluids_inside().
— Added LuaGameScript::check_prototype_translations() — a way to check if all expected prototypes have valid translations.
— Changed LuaEntityPrototype::mineable_properties «miningtime» -> «mining_time» and «miningparticle» -> «mining_particle».


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