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Factorio обновилась до экспериментальной 0.14.9!
Скачать Factorio 0.14.9 можно на нашем сайте.

Список изменений версии 0.14.6 — 0.14.9(Changelog):

На Английском языке (оригинал)
Version: 0.14.9
— Added admin field to server-settings.json, list of case-sensitive usernames that will become admins on connecting.
— Admins are exempt from player count limit.
— Fixed that the server could be running even if it was supposed to be stopped.
— Fixed Modded key bindings would fire extra times if 2 mods had the same keybinding. (https://forums.factorio.com/33050)
— Fixed that parsing players by index in scripts didn’t work correctly. (https://forums.factorio.com/33125)
— Fixed that Factorio wouldn’t release memory back to the OS after unloading a large save on Linux. (https://forums.factorio.com/33151)
— Fixed crash when restarting Factorio due to mod change when executable is read-only on Linux. (https://forums.factorio.com/32991)
— Game will no longer be capped at 300UPS when using high game.speed and vsync. New cap is FPS*5*game.speed. (https://forums.factorio.com/33123)
— Fixed possible crashes when setting combinator parameters.
— Fixed that clients could send a lot of useless data when recovering after connectiontion problems while playing multiplayer game.
— Fixed that recipe overload_multiplier wasn’t used for furnaces. (https://forums.factorio.com/33121)
Version: 0.14.8
— The crc check cycles between sets of 10 players, reducing the time of it in crowded games.
Minor features:
— Disconnecting wires now updates the «last user» tag.
— Technology progress is preserved when the research is changed before it is completed.
— Added ignore_player_limit_for_returning_players option to the server-settings and equivalent when hosting from the game.
— Added in game command /config password . It allows server admins to change the server password.
— Added in game command /config max-players . It allows server admins to change the maximum number of players.
— With more than 10 players in multiplayer game, the server only saves the map for joining players once in a while,
so the game isn’t interrupted by saving every couple of seconds in bigger games.
It goes from 1s with 10 players up to 45s with 450 players (which is the maximum).
— Added only_admins_can_pause_the_game into the server-settings.
— Fixed that you could enter enemy vehicles. (https://forums.factorio.com/32724)
— Fixed that zooming the view during pause (via Shift-Space) would teleport the player. (https://forums.factorio.com/32758)
— Fixed vehicle machine guns not showing bonuses. (https://forums.factorio.com/32747)
— Fixed performance issue on maps with lot of surfaces (for example maps with Factorissimo mod.)
— Fixed gates not opening for characters soon enough. (https://forums.factorio.com/32818)
— Fixed some campaign levels didn’t allow interacting with any entities at some places. (https://forums.factorio.com/32839)
— Fixed crash when opening the character GUI in the map editor. (https://forums.factorio.com/32081)
— Fixed redundant technology requirement. (https://forums.factorio.com/32886)
— Fixed server browser playtime column formatting (https://forums.factorio.com/32942)
— Fixed crash related to rail-signal connection. (https://forums.factorio.com/32740)
— Fixed crash when reconnection attempt is refused. (https://forums.factorio.com/32937)
— Fixed that when server quit/dropped, the dialog could be hidden behind menu. (https://forums.factorio.com/32859)
— Optimised inserting items to chests with large inventories; this will boost performance for some games with Warehousing mod. (https://forums.factorio.com/32384)
— Fixed duplicate mods crashing the game on startup (https://forums.factorio.com/31790)
Instead, a notice box is displayed and the highest (possibly unzipped) version is preferred.
— Moved the downloading/saving/loading progress bar of other people in a scroll pane so it doesn’t cover the whole left part of the screen with a lot of people.
— Fixed the quickbar selection wouldn’t properly update when interacting with other entities in some cases. (https://forums.factorio.com/32952)
— Fixed that —benchmark would process its argument differently than all other command-line parameters (https://forums.factorio.com/32993)
— Fixed crash when loading game with character in flying vehicle from mod that is over water. (https://forums.factorio.com/33014)
Version: 0.14.7
— Fixed technology GUI in single player.
Version: 0.14.6
— Drop detection got little bit stricter so the drop timeout was increased from 10 to 20 seconds.
— If you log in with your email, your multiplayer username gets set to your actual username, not your email address.
Minor features:
— Added —start-server-load-scenario command to start scenario with the given name.
— As a tribute to Arumba’s mega-game, the «build by» was renamed to «last user» and it is updated whenever the entity is:
rotated, has circuit condition changed, setting pasted, recipe changed, filter changed, output signal changed, combinator settings changed,
— Added speed change based on zoom when in god mode into the latency hiding.
— The player was killed messages now contain a name of entity or player who caused that.
— Player killed messages are shown only to players of the same force.
— Fixed that zoom to cursor didn’t work in ghost/god controller.
— Fixed that player dropped, but it shown the «the can’t keep up message» instead.
— Fixed that server got deselected when changing sorting or filters in public game list. (https://forums.factorio.com/29561)
— Additional attempt to make the keyboard settings compatible between linux and windows. (https://forums.factorio.com/29686)
— Fixed that player crafting categories accepted empty string as value, which resulted in crash later. (https://forums.factorio.com/32507)
— Fixed that progress bar during updating mods wasn’t moving (https://forums.factorio.com/31844)
— Fixed beam damage_interval of 0 would crash the game. (https://forums.factorio.com/32527)
— Fixed gates wouldn’t open while in a vehicle without a character. (https://forums.factorio.com/32525)
— Fixed GUI scaling in the mod browser. (https://forums.factorio.com/30196)
— Fixed (hopefully) that wrong server details were displayed (https://forums.factorio.com/27110)
— Fixed that it wasn’t possible to build rail blueprint over floor-tile ghost. (https://forums.factorio.com/32454)
— Fluid status icons will display floored values, same as all other icons. (https://forums.factorio.com/32439)
— Fixed crash that prevented the game to start on some OS X configurations. (https://forums.factorio.com/32515)
— Fixed that changing character direction from script didn’t work. (https://forums.factorio.com/32318)
— Fixed game getting stuck when a new account was created from the Steam version (https://forums.factorio.com/31642)
— Additional signal/rail building fix. (https://forums.factorio.com/30350)
— Fixed that some entities would not remember their circuit parameters in the map editor. (https://forums.factorio.com/32153)
— Fixed blueprint tooltip wouldn’t update when clearing a blueprint. (https://forums.factorio.com/32038)
— Fixed crash when loading some old save files containing circuit connections to be removed. (https://forums.factorio.com/32009)
— Fixed crash when removing migrated equipment grids due to mod removal while mods had references to the grids. (https://forums.factorio.com/32420)
— Fixed wires wouldn’t get applied to inserters through blueprints in some cases. (https://forums.factorio.com/32045)
— Fixed that player could get unkickable under specific circumstances.
— Fixed train crash when it found a path in the opposite direction that it just started moving. (https://forums.factorio.com/29610)
— Fixed Factorio updater didn’t pass command line arguments when restarting the game after update. (https://forums.factorio.com/32412)
— Fixed crashes when loading old or some invalid maps in the map editor. (https://forums.factorio.com/32488)
— Clearer error messages and interaction when loading old or invalid maps.
— Fixed curved rail bounding box not allowing large electric poles to be build in specific configurations. (https://forums.factorio.com/32532)
— Fixed that joining games through Steam wouldn’t work. (https://forums.factorio.com/32479)
— Fixed not being able to interact with the error dialog when an error happens while interacting with GUIs. (https://forums.factorio.com/32259)
— Fixed UI not responding to input in some situations when progress guis were shown. (https://forums.factorio.com/32522)
— Fixed personal roboport wouldn’t update properly when modded equipment was used in some cases.
— Fixed train ignoring wait conditions in some cases (https://forums.factorio.com/32562)
— Fixed chain signal visual state right before a station (https://forums.factorio.com/30881)
— Fixed that the client was stuck when he disconnected after a reconnect.
— Fixed Save As GUI not responding to input after multiplayer disconnect with chat open. (https://forums.factorio.com/32574)
— Fixed inserter placement in the 2nd level of new hope campaign mission. (https://forums.factorio.com/31688)
— Server automatically deletes temporary save files once the upload of finishes.
— Fixed recipe tooltips containing fluid in assembling machines wouldn’t show the available fluids properly. (https://forums.factorio.com/32647)
— Fixed desync when placing floor blueprint and mining placed ghosts at the same time. (https://forums.factorio.com/32378)
— Fixed that you could disconnect wires in from Transport Belt Madness scenario’s Electric Poles. (https://forums.factorio.com/29168)
— Potential fix of crash after desync.
— Attempted to handle socket unblock error in a way that won’t crash the game. (https://forums.factorio.com/32663)
— Added LuaGameScript::print — print to all players.
— Added LuaForce::print — print to all players on the force.
— Added LuaSurface::print — print to all players on the surface.
— Fixed entities with positive emissions_per_tick would generate pollution even when pollution was disabled. (https://forums.factorio.com/32602)
— Renamed LuaEntity::built_by to LuaEntity::last_user


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