Factorio 0.14.19 список изменений, скачать игру

Factorio 0.14.19 признана стабильной версией!
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-Fixed that the demo version couldn’t start.
-Fixed that items (like grenades) could be used also in the map view. (35565)
-Fixed tutorial level 2 scripting.
-Fixed weird recipe sorting in the demo.
-Fixed that the game crashed when it was closed while sound settings were opened.


-Fixed Supply scenario Gui when playing in multiplayer.
-Fixed unresearchable gates technology in New hope campaign level 1. (35224)
-Fixed LAN games getting deselected. (35486)
-Fixed crash when clearing items robots held through script. (35585)
-Possibly fixed xrandr related crash on Linux. (35430)

Minor features

-Added minimum_latency_in_ticks to server settings (for headless server) and into config (for starting game from gui).
-Enemy players are shown on the map when the chunk is being charted (a radar or player is exposing it).


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