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Factorio обновилась до стабильной 0.14.17!
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Список изменений версии 0.14.17(Changelog):
Version: 0.14.17
Date: 27. 10. 2016
— Fixed quickbar clearing wouldn’t work when taking part of the stack.
— Fixed that mod browser sorting column would be ignored after using the search.
— Actually fixed Has Mods filter in browse games GUI.
— Fixed that the «can’t open enemy structures» error would show when it was never possible to open any GUI for the entity.
— It’s now not possible to switch to the install-mods screen while there are mods pending deletion.
— Fix constant combinator ignoring item_slot_count prototype change after creation.
— Tweaked map transfer algorithm.

Version: 0.14.16
Date: 25. 10. 2016
— Fixed crash related to technology migration. (https://forums.factorio.com/35161)
— Fixed item sub groups wouldn’t be used in the recipe GUI when item groups were disabled.
— Public and LAN game visibility are now separate settings (in GUI and in server-settings.json),
and they can be toggled runtime with the /config command.
See data/server-settings.example.json for a way to specify the visibility, as the old one will not work anymore.
— Fixed has password/mods filters not working.
— Fixed problems with determining external IP address for MP games.

Version: 0.14.15
Date: 24. 10. 2016
— Improved the browse-mods GUI by downloading mods while browsing the mods list.
— Improved the delete-mod functionality in the installed-mods GUI.
— Achievements unlocked locally without using steam get unlocked on steam once the game is started in steam mode.
— Storage tanks connected to the circuit network will output floored fluid values instead of rounding them.
— Fixed that biters would sometimes attack non-polluting entities.
— Added commandline option —bind to select an ip address to host a game at
— Fixed that different capitalisation of the same username could be used to: 1. join the game twice 2. evade the ban list 3. evade admin list.
— Fixed fluid info would get rendered twice when alt-info was on while hovering the mouse over assembling machines.
— Fixed that it wasn’t possible to connect with too many mods.
— Fixed crash when pasting huge strings into mod GUIs.
— Changed the clear blueprint icon to the trashcan icon and moved ot on the left of the cancel button, so it is less confusing.
— Fix of possible leak of information box windows when closing game.
— Fix PRINTSCREEN and SCROLLLOCK not working as keybinds.
— Fix map download limit not working for speeds under 101KB/s.
— Added LuaSurface.set_chunk_generated_status().
— Added defines.chunk_generated_status.


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