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Экспериментальная версия Factorio обновилась до 0.13.9!
Скачать Factorio 0.13.9 можно на нашем сайте.

Список изменений версии 0.13.7 – 0.13.8 – 0.13.9(Changelog):

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Version: 0.13.9
– Updated demo campaign tips images.
– Updated/Fixed locale entries.
– Removed –mp-load-game
– Default value for “Lights render quality” graphics options was changed to 1.0.
If config.ini contains value lower than new minimum (0.25) it will be reset to the default value.
– Lights are rendered with linear filtering to improve quality for lower “Lights render quality” settings. (//forums.factorio.com/28892)
– Added tips and tricks for pasting wagon slots and cycling in blueprint book.
– Mods are now sorted alphabetically in the mods list.
– Fixed transport belt madness map showing an empty message dialog out of nowhere.
– Fixed transport belt madness being impossible. (//forums.factorio.com/28703)
– Fixed crash on Linux when stdout was closed after starting Factorio. (//forums.factorio.com/28590)
– Fixed trains of other forces could be seen in the Trains GUI. (//forums.factorio.com/28799)
– Fixed inserters not saving custom pickup/dropoff when exported through the Lua blueprint interface.
– Fixed robots delivering modules into the recipe input slots instead of the module inventory. (//forums.factorio.com/28722)
– Fixed performance issue caused by alt mode when some mods are installed and linear filtering is enabled. (//forums.factorio.com/28789)
– Items stop correctly before a belt deactivated using the circuit network. (//forums.factorio.com/28766)
– Fixed another case where a biter could get stuck. (//forums.factorio.com/28893)
– Fixed crash when using –mp-connect to join a game that requires user verification. (//forums.factorio.com/28500)
– Fixed train GUI would be too big to fit on screen with a large amount of character inventory slots. (//forums.factorio.com/28855)
– Buildings with backer names containing non-ASCII charecters are generated properly.
– Fixed logistic counts when changing stack sizes of items the player was holding.
– Fixed crash when right-clicking electric pole in Map Editor. (//forums.factorio.com/28983)
– Fixed crash when building tiles would result in you dying. (//forums.factorio.com/28948)
– Fixed disabled belts would still move the player. (//forums.factorio.com/28947)
– Fixed crashes related to changing train conditions in the latency state.
– Fixed line breaking in description titles. (//forums.factorio.com/27128)
– Fixed typo in description of flooring items. (//forums.factorio.com/28704)
– Fixed blueprint icons not working as desired when paths where part of the selected area. (//forums.factorio.com/28884)
– Fixed that a username change wouldn’t save if the game crashed. (//forums.factorio.com/17837)
– Fixed that clicking an alert button could show the wrong alert. (//forums.factorio.com/28913)
– Fixed flooring placement preview rendered on top of turret base. (//forums.factorio.com/28894)
– Fixed numpad home/end/other keys not working when numlock was off. (//forums.factorio.com/28934)
– Fixed that the game password dialog showed the password. (//forums.factorio.com/29002)
– Fixed that inserters at the very front of trains would sometimes not get enabled when a train would stop. (//forums.factorio.com/28964)
– Fixed the difficutly settings for scenarios not working. (//forums.factorio.com/27976)
– Fixed alignment of some pipe covers. (//forums.factorio.com/28785)
– Fixed the watch-your-step achievement not working. (//forums.factorio.com/27710)
– Rocket parts from building rockets in the rocket silo now show in production stats. (//forums.factorio.com/29001)
– Fixed tracked achievements scrolling off screen when un-tracking them. (//forums.factorio.com/27922)
– Fixed inserter sometimes only dropping one item on the ground before going back. (//forums.factorio.com/28046#p183886)
– Fixed LuaGameScript::active_mods not showing the correct list of mods. (//forums.factorio.com/29088)
– Fixed signals letting trains pass when the circuit network changes. (//forums.factorio.com/28923)
– Fixed SpritePath to recipe that inherits icon from its result would not be considered valid. (//forums.factorio.com/28867)
– Fixed crash when setting new research in the on_research_completed event. (//forums.factorio.com/28968)
– Fixed error during the research completed event being un-clickable. (//forums.factorio.com/27803)
– Added LuaTile::position read.

Version: 0.13.8
– Fixed craftable unit entities desyncing when held over belts. (//forums.factorio.com/28730)
– Fixed character inventory size was limited at 255 instead of the correct 65536. (//forums.factorio.com/28717)
– Fixed mouse wheel left/right bindings not working.
Changed default blueprint book switching shortcut on OS X to Command + Mouse Wheel up/down
– Fixed aliens getting stuck sometimes. (//forums.factorio.com/28653)
– Fixed inserters not putting fuel in modded burner assemblers in some situations (//forums.factorio.com/28196)
– Fixed headless server would crash when loading save containing sprite-button. (//forums.factorio.com/28736)
– Fixed maps loaded from versions < 0.13.7 not generating any more chunks (//forums.factorio.com/28760)
– Fixed First Steps campaign character death error. (//forums.factorio.com/27926)
– Reverted changes related to 0.13.7 fix for (//forums.factorio.com/28564). If entity specified in sprite path
doesn’t have an icon, button will be created anyway, but no sprite will be drawn inside of it.
– Added LuaGui::is_valid_sprite_path() function
– Fixed that if a land mine got blown up and replaced by a robot, it wouldn’t arm itself. (//forums.factorio.com/28761)
– Added LuaPlayer::admin read – if the player is an admin.

Version: 0.13.7
Minor Features:
– Holding the “drop item” key will keep dropping items.
– Rocks can be mined while holding blueprints.
– Updated the stack inserter technology icon.
– Medium and large worms spawn further from the starting area.
– Connect game dialog remembers DNS the address as written rather than only IP (//forums.factorio.com/27701).
– Science packs and ammo are now recorded in the items consumed portion of production stats.
– Fixed the mysterious crash when building rails. (//forums.factorio.com/28231)
– Unified the mass production 3 achievement to 20 M (it was 10M in game and 100M on steam). (//forums.factorio.com/28415)
– Fixed rendering layer of gate wall. (//forums.factorio.com/28296)
– Fixed fullscreen toggle in graphics options. (//forums.factorio.com/27688)
– Fixed mining drills using slightly too much energy per item mined.
– Fixed that rail signals connectable to two rails at the same time were marked as buildable even when the buildability was valid
only for one of the rails. (//forums.factorio.com/28235)
– Fixed burner inserters sometimes getting stuck. (//forums.factorio.com/27465)
– Fixed inserters with stack bonus waiting for stacks indefinitely when there’s nothing to take from. (//forums.factorio.com/28046)
– Fixed blueprint previews with tiles and rails vs tiles with no rails. (//forums.factorio.com/28250)
– Fixed crash that could sometimes happen when a biter couldn’t reach a target for a long time. (//forums.factorio.com/28228)
– Fixed on_player_placed_equipment was not called when quick transferring equipment into armor. (//forums.factorio.com/28419)
– Fixed map generator problems very far from the start.
– Map size is now limited to 2000 km by 2000 km with a black bar rather than crashing when reaching this distance
– Fixed clean-cursor with armor not putting it into filtered slots in your quickbar. (//forums.factorio.com/28299)
– Fixed that expansion chunk candidates values weren’t updated properly. (//forums.factorio.com/27849)
– Fixed landfills could be included in blueprints. (//forums.factorio.com/28471)
– Fixed multiple instances of walls blocking movement when they shouldn’t. (//forums.factorio.com/28477)
– Fixed that the solaris achievement unobtainable.
– Fixed flamethrower turret would cause blueprint preview move up and down.
– Fixed crash when the currently-playing folder can’t be deleted when exiting game. (//forums.factorio.com/28316)
– Fixed crash when connection to the mod portal fails (//forums.factorio.com/27126)
– Fixed Update Mods button being sometimes disabled (//forums.factorio.com/28160)
– Fixed that LuaGameScript::write_file treated data as null-terminated byte string. (//forums.factorio.com/28555)
– Fixed entities marked with “not-repairable” still being repairable manually. (//forums.factorio.com/28554)
– Attempt to fix “Access is denied” error message during autosaves. (//forums.factorio.com/28464)
– Fixed desync caused by transport belt connected to circuit network reading in pulse mode.
– Fixed save corruption when driving vehicles on transport belts in some instances. (//forums.factorio.com/28457)
– Fixed copy-paste not waking up inserters when copying filters between different inserter types. (//forums.factorio.com/28620)
– Fixed error when biters tried to expand while evolution factor was 0. (//forums.factorio.com/28598)
– Fixed building paths not refilling the cursor in some instances. (//forums.factorio.com/28686)
– Fixed unlocked achievements blinking too quickly. (//forums.factorio.com/27979)
– Fixed crash when setting the force of a logistic container in ghost form. (//forums.factorio.com/28699)
– Fixed label size issues when using different font sizes or resizing the game window. (//forums.factorio.com/27722)
– Fixed crash when trying to create sprite-button with valid SpritePath to sprite that doesn’t exist. (//forums.factorio.com/28564)
LuaGuiElement::add won’t create sprite-button and returns nil if invalid SpritePath is passed.
– Added an option to LuaSurface::set_tiles() to disable the correction logic for total control of what the tiles end up as.
– Added item-group, fluid, tile, virtual-signal and achievement icons to be accessible by the SpritePath used in the sprite-button element.
Added SpriteButton to the scripting documentation.
– Added “grid” to the on_player_placed_equipment event.
– Added LuaRecipe::localised_name read.
– Added LuaGuiElement type “scroll-pane”.

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