Units of measurement

Factorio wiki-units of measurement

The following units of measurement are very important and are the basis of Factorio.
Not all game elements are presented in the game correctly from a physical point of view (for example, in the game there is no weight items; currently, weight is reflected in the maximum number of those or other subjects in one stack), but somehow the ones described below are presented quite believable.


Power, by definition, there is work performed per unit of time. Power is measured in Watts (w).
1W = 1Dzh/s
i.e. one watt means that work volume in one Joule per second takes place.
In the game you can also encounter big units like kilowatt (kW, one thousand Watts) and megawatt (MW, one million watts).
In the game, there is nothing but fuel as an energy source, and therefore work. For example, each unit of coal during combustion will produce 8 kJ of energy, i.e. one burning coal will make 8 kJ works.

It's time

Basic units in the game are second (s). It is worth noting that not always gaming seconds (like other gaming units of time) coincide with real-this is due to the lack of processing power of the computer and one second of game time in this case could take much longer. Also during game time can be artificially slow down using the console
The shortest and indivisible is a time period in 1 tick (1/60 second). Absolutely everything in Faktorio is calculated on this basis. For example, the speed of any gameplay is calculated in units/tick.
Separately worth noting such a unit as a day:
day in the game lasts 25000 ticks or 416.66 seconds (i.e. approximately 6.94 minutes)

Distance, space, Squares.

The notion of a square (square), and is used as a measure of the distance/length and how to measure the square. For example, the size of an object can be marked as "2 x 2 square, i.e. an object occupies an area of 4 square or Q2. Unit squared are often shortened simply to the square. For simplicity, you can take that square has a length of one metre and, accordingly, the area of one square meter.


Chunk is 1024 square area (with edge in 32 square). Part of calculations and map generation occurs on the chankam.