Tools are used to increase the speed of resource extraction or dismantling structures your character.
When using the tool its strength decreases, leading it to the complete destruction of

Subject Production speed Damage Strength Size staka Description
Without tools Infinite 0 The value used if the instrument is not equipped. Very slow production.
Iron-axeIron Pickaxe 2.5
(up to 150%)
5 physical 4000 32 Standard tool for extraction. Not expensive, provides good speed and strength production.
steel-axeKirk steel 4
(up to 300%)
8 physical 5000 32 An advanced tool for extraction. Significantly speeds up the extraction process, but more expensive to manufacture.


Weapons used to inflict damage "kusakam" and buildings.
All weapons firing ammunition uses for certain types of weapons you can use improved ammunition that cause more damage.

The name of the Shells Speed Distance Description
zone II
Normal shop
Shop with armor-piercing ammunition
6 15 The simplest of weapons available since the beginning of the game
Submachine Gun
Normal shop
Shop with armor-piercing ammunition
15 15 More rapid-fire equivalent gun
Shotgun cartridges
Armor-piercing ammunition for the shotgun
1 20 The standard weapon with good damage and range, but with a low rate of
combat shotgun
Combat shotgun
Shotgun cartridges
Armor-piercing ammunition for the shotgun
2 20 Improved version of the shotgun, with a slightly greater rate and 20% increased damage
Grenade launcher
Conventional rockets
Explosive rocket
1 22 The weapon has a good range, suitable for destroying lairs teeth
A handheld flamethrower
Fuel your flamethrower
30 15 Handheld flamethrower-advanced weapons, is ideal for destroying swarms of enemies, or trees. Has a decent damage and the area of damage, damaging several units.
Land-mines are passive protection database are installed on the ground. Explode only when contact with the enemy, put 40 explosive damage.
Basic Garnet
Conventional explosive weapons, rushes to a small distance


The use of capsules makes it easy to attack and defend. Different types of capsules have different effects.
How to use: put the capsule into the slot on the zone, select it on the belt, and click with the left mouse button. The capsule will fly at the cursor position and activated.
The maximum number of robotic assistants sleduemyh depended on the studied technologies. With the full study-134 robot.
Information about active robots shown on the right side of the belt.

The name of the Description Features
Protection capsule
Basic capsule, when using one counsel. robot creates Defender has infinite ammo and follows the player, attacking enemies in the vicinity until destroyed or not over his lifetime.
A capsule of poison
Basic capsule, which creates a large cloud, poison damage throughout the area.
Damage: 8/second (poison)
Basic protective capsule, slows the movement of enemies.
Advanced capsule, when activated, creates three robot-decoys. Baits have unlimited energy for lasers and retain their original position, attacking enemies in the neighborhood until the deleted or not end a life time.
Robots-baits are useful for providing a temporary Defense for the weak or completely unprotected plots Teeth during the attack. So they are relevant when den attacks on teeth, because if you use robots-bait will be a priority objective of the Aedes species have.
Health: 90 (each)
Life time: 30 seconds
Damage: 5 (laser)
The most advanced and expensive capsules that when using create five very powerful Shredding robots. Robots-paper shredders have unlimited energy for lasers and follow the player, attacking enemies, until it will be destroyed or not end a life time.
This enhanced analog Robots-advocates, similar to the strategy.
Health: 60 (each)
Life time: 120 seconds
Damage: 10 (laser)


The name of the Capacity
Damage Description
Normal shop
10 2 (physical) The simplest type of shells for the starting weapons, cheap, but low damage. Can be used in the gun, Pistol and Rifle turret, Czechoslovakia
Shop with armor-piercing ammunition
10 5 (physical) A more advanced type of shells for small arms. A little more expensive than usual in the production shop, but deals more damage. Applies the same weapons as the Ordinary shop.
Shotgun cartridges
10 12×4 (48) (physical) Standard cartridges for shotguns. Used in Drobovike and drobovike Battle
Armor-piercing ammunition for the shotgun
10 16×6 (96) (physical) Improved cartridges for shotguns. The same weapons are used as standard ammunition for shotgun
1 60 (physical)
24 (explosive)
The rockets are a common type of shells for a rocket propelled grenade. High range and is ideal for attacking enemy logs. The same used to create explosive rockets and to achieve the common goal of free games-building the missile defense.
Explosive rocket
1 40 (physical)
16 (explosive)
Exploding rockets are an alternative type of shells for grenade launchers.
Fuel for flamethrower
100 10 (fire) This type of shells is used for operational range. At the moment this is the only kind of Operational ammunition.
Cannon-shellexplosive cannon shell
Tank shell
1 150 (physical)
50 (explosive)
This type of shells is used for firing from a tank.


Armor reduces the damage taken. Different types of armor are various parameters of resistance.

The name of the Strength Properties
Basic armor
Iron armor
1000 Acid: 3/30%
Explosive: 2/20%
Physical: 3/20%
Heavy armor
5000 Acid: 5/30%
Explosive: 10/30%
Physical: 6/30%

Modular armor

Modular armor, in addition to improved parameters differs from the usual armor still so that it can install additional components, making it better.

The name of the Strength Properties The size of the grid
Basic armor
The basic modular armor
10000 Acid: 5/30%
Explosive: 10/30%
Physical: 6/30%
5 x 5
Power armor
15000 Acid: 7/30%
Explosive: 15/30%
Physical: 8/30%
7 x 7
Power armor MK2
20000 Acid: 10/40%
Explosive: 20/50%
Physical: 10/40%
10 x 10

Components of Modular armor

Installed in modular armor, occupy a certain place in it.

The name of the The size of the Description
night-vision equipment
Night vision device
2 x 3 Provides improved night review
Energy shield
2 x 2 Provides 50 charge shields consuming 20J per unit. Absorbs the damage done by the player until the charge drops to 0. Recovery speed: 6
Energy shield Mk2
2 x 2 Provides 150 charge shields consuming 30J. Absorbs the damage done by the player until the charge drops to 0. Recovery speed: 6
1 x 2 Provides storage energy 1kJ
Battery Mk2
1 x 2 Provides storage 5kJ energy
Portable solar panel.
1 x 1 Produces energy for consumption of 10W other modules
Portable fusion reactor
4 x 4 Produces energy for consumption 750W other modules
Personal laser defense
2 x 3 Provides automatic extra protection when firing consumes energy and causes 5 enemies damage laser on proximity. Similar to the laser turrets.
Disintegration electric discharge protection
3 x 3 When you activate the remote control discharge protection deals 30 damage laser
2 x 4 Increases movement speed by 30%. Consume 200W (200J/s) and stops working when a lack of energy. When using multiple exoskeletons bonuses to speed movement.