Factorio video tutorials (tutorials)

On this page are published video tutorials (tutorials) for Factorio games. That explain the features and nuances of the game, and all that it touches.

Авторам Видео
If you are creating video tutorials for Factorio and wish to place your work on this page-please post it in the comments, or email FactorioRu@gmail.com
 To view a specific part of the video, use the playlist in the player (top left corner). 

Author guides: akaSapient

  • Factorio Hyde, part 1. First steps, exploration, mining operations.
  • Factorio. Hyde, part 2. Manufacturing automation walls, red cones and steel.
  • Factorio Hyde, part 3. Automation green cones, the first plots of the protective perimeter.
  • Factorio. Hyde, part 4. Stripping nests of strangers.
  • Factorio Hyde, part 5. Oil industry.
  • Factorio. Hyde, part 6. Automation blue cones.
  • Factorio Hyde, part 7. Calculation of technological chains.
  • Factorio. Hyde, part 8. Railways.
  • Factorio Hyde, part 9. The trick with electricity.




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