Possible solutions to technical problems with the game

On this page, if possible, be collected in different ways and solutions to possible problems with the game.
Because it is not uncommon for a game or does not start at all, generating an error or just hangs.
Over time, the list will be updated and the page framework will just adapt to the number of articles.


Зависает загрузка на 89%
Probably stuck loading caused by insufficient memory video card.
To resolve this problem, you can try to adjust the graphics options in the configuration file.
What do you need for:

  • Open any text editor file "config.ini".

It is located in the root directory or games, in the config folder (especially for older versions)

Or in C:Users<username>AppDataRoamingFactorioconfig</username>
You can get there via the folder with the game (there is a link to the config folder).
Or run the "run" through the Win + R or start, insert the line:%appdata%factorioconfig and click "OK"

  • In an open file config.ini to find and change settings as follows (you can try in turn):

Option 1. Change the option to use video memory. It's a bit reduces the consumption of video memory.

video-memory-usage = medium


Option 2. Forced to run the game in OpenGL mode.

force-opengl = true


Option 3. To reduce the graphics quality.

graphics-quality = low

As well, worth a try disable all video memory-consuming applications (including browser).

In this case, you can use a ready-made config file, which is applied immediately 3 parameter.
You need to download and copy the file to a folder. In the folder should be a file 2. default_config.ini and config.ini
Download the Config.ini file 4 KB (Yandex)