I want to be a Dev … Part of the " -1"

Greetings to you Naikoraptor and this is the first Lesson to establish its fashion.

This lesson will focus on the preparations for the establishment of fashion. Here, that there will be no eye-popping secrets, nor anything that might be in the game, however, this is precisely the part that decides whether you pour then creating another object of the same type, or a nice sipping gulls under melody, rivet the next work of art.

(and Yes, the title is not really a bug, it's Minus the first part)

So, let's start:

Step 1 "preparing the workplace"

Remove all unnecessary items from the table and pour myself a mug of elite tea.

As we know Hong you install creates 2 folder. One is the "engine" and the base game, and the second is the "library". The library is a folder with Savegames, Mods, Configs, and records errors, it is in the folder mods we will create.

Specifically, the engine be in the data folder in the root of the game. There are 2 subfolders:

Base files (games)

Core (engine, kernel, System)


And librariesScreenshot_19






The first thing we need to do is create a shortcut on your desktop to the folder Mods

There are 2 possible her location. In the zip version of a folder Mods (like everything else) is located in the folder with the game.

If there are no Mods folder in the folder with the game, then copy any shortcut on your desktop and copy writing in both fields%appdata%factorio


Either go along this path and create a shortcut

My computer > > C > > Users > > your username > > AppData > > Roaming > > Factorio



Now go to the folder of the game and find the "Base", and throw back a copy of the shortcut to the libraries and in Libraries throw label on the Base. Thereby give yourself two sided corridor, we have a lot of running back and forth, so make it nicer.

Now Software

Step Two: Software

Nothing complicated here. (Links open in a new tab, no thanks)

We Will Need:

Paint net

Notepad ++

And direct the hands

Now we will perform some manipulation. Create a new folder on the desktop Any txt file. Give it a name like * НаборБукв*.lua (example: jdjdfvdugfwuhvhf.lua)

Now click LMB and select Properties. Install notepad ++ as application for viewing

Screenshot_16  You need to install a program like Notepad ++. Otherwise, every time the Lua files through "COATINGS-> open with Notepad ++" strongly zadalbyvaet

By the way the file can delete, we need only had the program change


Perhaps, at this workplace training is finished.



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