Frequently asked questions on the game Factorio (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions on the game Factorio (FAQ)
The FAQ will be supplemented with new issues as they arise.

В: Какая последняя версия игры?
В: Где скачать игру?
В: Чего нет в Демо версии игры?
A: another campaign, Assembly machines, map editor, mods, free games, trains and so on
В: А у вас на сайте полная версия игры или демо?
A: we post the full version of the game
В: Как обновить игру?
A: If you are the owner of the licensed version of the game is that each time you run the game will be checked for new versions (for that would be upgraded to pilot-you must enable this option in the settings of the game).
If you are an owner of a "pirated" version of the game (IE, downloaded from our Web site) and do not have a licensed account-update the game may only be installing new version (downloading the full installer instead of the required patches)
В: Как стрелять?
About: space-shooting with avtopricelivaniem. The "C" key-shooting with "manual" arming (mouse cursor).
В: Как можно избавиться от ненужных предметов или ресурсов в инвентаре?
A: as an option-put everything and discard unnecessary in a chest, and destroy firing with manual targeting (how to shoot-above)
В: Как убрать каменную глыбу?
A: as an option is to shoot a weapon in manual mode targeting (or RAM)
В: Как сесть в машину/поезд?
About: about transport press "Enter"
В: Как сделать стальную балку/каменный кирпич?
A: Put in stone/steel/electric smelter 5 iron plates for one steel beam or 2 stone for one brick and wait for remelting
В: Как работает радар?
A: Scans not public sectors map. When progress reaches 100%, one sector. The (mini) map this sector will be updated a few seconds, after which it will become grayed out and to know that there is updated, you need to go up there close enough.
В: Что такое модули?
A: there are three types of modules: economy, speed and productivity. Respectively: save energy, increase production speed and increase the yield per unit of spent material. They can be put only in the special slot machines (drills, smelters, chemical. plants, etc. d.), it is marked with "ghostly" image module (Assembly machines this is not slot 1). The feature of the module of productivity is that it cannot be put in the lighthouse.
В: Парни, тут маяк какой-то есть! А что он делает?
A: Half distributes effects modules, put it, the surrounding cars. This means that if we have a module -50% electricity consumption ", putting it into a lighthouse, all machines that fall within its scope (even partially), will consume 25% less energy
В: У меня есть экзоскелет/прибор ночного видения/электроразрядная защита/личная лазерная защита, что с ними можно сделать?
A: Put the appliance in a basic modular armor, it opens in the study "Armor 3" (hereinafter can replace it on power armor Mk1/Mk2). To work also need energy use portable thermonuclear reactor or modular solar panel complete with batteries to ensure its armor components.
В: Как использовать Discharge defence (Электроразрядную защиту) и её пульт?
A: put the discharge module protection armor (power). Take the remote control (small box with lightning) in hands and shoot through PKM to enemies. Naturally, need energy in power armor. Charge its thermonuclear reactor
В: Где взять моды?
В: Как установить мод(ы)?
A: copy the archive folder mod mods (in the folder with the game there is a shortcut to this folder because the folder "mods" is in AppDataRoamingFactoriomods).
В: Игра есть в стиме?
A: Yes, there are. 
В: Как играть по сети?


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