Factorio Guide to launch games on the net

In fact for the game Factorio on the network do not require any additional program.
Just open the necessary ports (34197) in the system and on the router, and it is desirable to have a white ip. So the first thing to look at this guide to creating an online game without utilities, and try for yourself:

How to configure a network game in Factorio

1. Enter the user name for the multiplayer game all players Post preferences (settings-other-name in multiplayer).
2. Identify your local IP address.
3. In the settings of the router open port 34197 for games. Specify the IP address of the virtual server that is identified in paragraph 2.
4. Create a game.
5. If you are connecting via the Internet your mates to your game, give them your external IP address.
5.1. When you connect through a local area network, tell them your local IP address (p. 2).
6. …
7. Profit! Have fun!!!

But if you're having any problems with opening ports, or by connecting to the host via ip address, you should try to play over the network with the help of programs that emulate a local network. Such as Hamachi, Tunngle, Evolve.
If the Hamachi and Tunngle are quite popular, and not using their complexities, then Evolve may appear problematic because the program is relatively new, and not so popular. So wrote a fairly detailed instructions for games through the program Evolve

How to play over the network using Factorio evolve?

1. Click on this link
2. Click "Start Playing with Evlove!"

Or "Join the Group!"

3. Enter the desired username and password, then mail, and finally click "Install"
4. While the program is downloaded, go to the mailbox and activate your account by clicking on the link in the letter.
5. After the program is installed, launch it, enter into your account (if you are prompted to install additional charge. equipment (virtual adapter)-agree and install).

6. If you wish, go into the settings (Preferences) and podstraivaem under its taste. The only thing that the "Features" tab must be enabled "Party System".

The Team/Game

For convenience it is one group, which will be found wanting to play.
And so.
1. Click on this link
2. Click "Join"

3. Back in the program window, and twice click on the Group (you can put a check mark on "Autojoin", then you'll enter the chat automatically).

4. Next we need to create a party and invite those who wish to play. To do this, click the right mouse button on the desired party in the list, and choose "Create Party".
To invite participants in already existing group do the same thing, but instead of "Create Party" will "Invite to Party"
While the maximum optimal number of players-3! 
4-ro start pretty serious lags.

By "guest" invitation alert appears in the party.
You can click on it and you perekinet the window for it.

Oh and click "Accept"

5. Agree, who creates the game. Then copy its ip address from the list of participants of the Party (or write manually, how convenient).

6. In the game "Play"-"network game" >
For the host: "free play" or "load game"
To connect: "join"
In the field paste the host address you copied earlier (in our case it was "") and ascribe it port: "34197".
Ultimately, the address should be like this:
7. Note, in some cases for a normal game (as in most multiplayer games), you must disable the firewall!

In order to connect to the party again after restarting or leave the party, click the right button in the list

And "Join" to connect, and "Remove" button to exit.
From the leader of the party instead of "Remove" will "Delete" function that removes the Pati, with all participants automatically kiknet


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