Factorio 0.15.37 FULL version Changelog, Download links

STABLE version Factorio 0.15.37 Aviable for download!

Download Factorio 0.15.37 you can from our site.

Changelog 0.15.37:

Version: 0.15.37
– Fixed false positives in detection of crashes caused by incompatible version of RivaTuner Statistics Server.

Version: 0.15.36
– Fixed a bug in the fix of electric network from 0.15.35.
– Fixed a crash when deleting chunks in specific cases.
– Fixed a crash when coupling/decoupling trains through the Lua API.
– Fixed crash when unknown program arguments were passed.

Version: 0.15.35
– Fixed that after a player reconnected after a desync, while blueprints were uploaded, the game would crash.
– Fixed that in certain scenarios, the blueprint library wouldn’t synchronise.
– Fixed that the server would sometimes quit if a player tried to connect after another player tried to connect unsuccessfully.
– Fixed a rare desync related to electric sub networks.
– Fixed archaic (from 0.12) migration that was supposed to fix rollingStockCounts on rails and it broke it instead.
– Fixed possible desync when rotating pipe to ground.
– Fixed a rare possiblity of internal electric network crash when loading game.
– Handle network errors (caused by LavasoftTcpService64.dll corrupting Winsock) gracefully.
– Fixed changing force of underground belt entity would cause desync.

Version: 0.15.34
– Fixed that after a player reconnected after a desync, their blueprints would no longer upload.
– Fixed that it was possible to modify other players’ blueprint libraries.
– Fixed a crash when loading a save that was transferring blueprints to a now offline player.
– Fixed that the blueprint library would remove duplicate blueprints even though they were in different books.
– Fixed game freezing when clicking the decrease replay speed button.
– Disabled possibility to open invalid save/replay by enter key or double click.
– Fixed rare crash when being disconnected from multiplayer.
– Fixed creating map from scenario would copy also system and hidden files from scenario folder.
– Fixed threading issue causing random server crashes.
– Fixed that if the server was launched with –start-server-load-scenario, the /save command with no name would cause the server to hang.
– Fixed –start-server-load-scenario would ignore –map-gen-settings, –map-settings and –preset options.
– Fixed disabling shaders would cause crashes.


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