Factorio 0.15.33 FULL version Changelog, Download links

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STABLE version Factorio 0.15.33 Aviable for download!

Download Factorio 0.15.33 you can from our site.

Changelog 0.15.33:

Version: 0.15.33
– Mod name in mod info pane will no longer be localised.
– Optional mod dependencies now show as orange when invalid.
– Fixed crash when trying to load replay that is not compatible with current version.
– Fixed ghosts might emit light.
– Fixed removing land mines didn’t make any sound.
– Fixed creating window larger than screen.
– Improved performance of rendering uranium ore.
– Bonus UI now shows additional force modifiers
– simple-entity-with-owner (and simple-entity-with-force) now supports apply_runtime_tint in sprite definition.
– simple-entity-with-owner exposes color property through LuaEntity::color. Set it to {r=0, g=0, b=0, a=0} to use color of entity’s force.
– Fixed LuaEntityPrototype::distribution_effectivity would return value of supply_area_distance instead.

Version: 0.15.32
– Fixed compatibility problem with several antivirus programs.
– Fixed seed in map-gen-settings.json would be ignored when creating map on headless server.
– Fixed that connecting to a multiplayer game with a large blueprint library might be difficult.
– Fixed that using capsules would open an Entity’s GUI when clicked.
– Fixed that –window-size=maximized wouldn’t work on Linux.
– Fixed that changing reactor consumption(production) values through a mod didn’t update its production until rebuilt.
– Fixed that blueprints would sometimes stop transferring.
– Fixed crash when opening item/container and at the same time the controller is set to some that doesn’t have inventory.
– Fixed 3 possible crashes related to getting malformed network packet over the network.
– Maybe fixed a biter path cache-related crash.
– Fixed that bad_alloc and similar low level erros were catched internally, so we couldn’t get proper stack trace of those.
– Limited the size of a train chart tag when the map is zoomed in.
– Possible rare crash fix related to building rails and viewing preview of entities right after that.
– Limited technology cost multiplier to maximum of 1000.
– The log method also specifies the mod that wrote that, not only script file.
– Added LuaEntityPrototype::distribution_effectivity read.
– Added LuaEntityPrototype::time_to_live read.
– Added LuaControl::following_robots read.
– Added LuaPlayer::pipette_entity().
– Added LuaEntity::can_be_destroyed().
– Added script_raised_destroy reserved event ID.
– Added script_raised_built reserved event ID.
– Added script_raised_revive reserved event ID.
– Changed LuaEntity::time_to_live to also work for combat robots.
– Changed LuaEntityPrototype::fluid_capacity read to also work on fluid-wagon.
– Changed LuaEntityPrototype::turret_range read returns nil instead of error if not turret.
– Changed LuaEntity::train to return nil if entity is not rolling stock.
– Added LuaEntityPrototype::explosion_beam read.
– Added LuaEntityPrototype::explosion_rotate read.


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