Factorio 0.15.28 FULL version Changelog, Download links

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Factorio 0.15.28 Aviable for download!

Download Factorio 0.15.28 you can from our site. Also aviable test patch from 0.15.23+ to 0.15.28

Changelog 0.15.28:

– Reduced time needed for an unit of Automation 2 research from 15 to 5 seconds to compensate for previous change of science packs requirements.
Minor features:
– Added –window-size launch option. For example –window-size=1680×1050
– Damaging a tree with impact or physical damage generates some leaves.
– Warning icon for logistic chests that are not in a reach of roboport.
– Train stop names are rendered at 45 degrees to better show names.
– Fixed that ghosts would stay over entities after deconstruction was canceled.
– Fixed that the controls menu wouldn’t use a fixed common width between controls sections.
– Inserter researches now require equal ratios of science pack types.
– Fixed that transferring blueprints from the library could make the headless server crash.
– Fixed that blueprints could be duplicated when moving to a new version.
– Fixed progress bar not showing in the entity info panel if the text was too long.
– Fixed (at least one of the cases) of crashes related to not being able to connect to auth server while joining game.
– Fixed, possible crash related to changed bounding box of entity by a mod. When the mod is removed (added) the corner of the entity can occupy chunk that
doesn’t exist yet which would cause a loading error.
– Fixed that mining sounds and the leaves effect weren’t present when mining tree from a car.
– Fixed possible crash when removing modded rails during save migration.
– Mod hotkeys are arranged per-mod.
– Disallowed defining different rail categories for this moment as having more than one will never work properly until we spent some
non-trivial time with that, which is not a priority now.
– Fixed that item-with-inventory filters wouldn’t be preserved when cloned through the Lua API.


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