Factorio 0.15.26 FULL version Changelog, Download links

Factorio 0.15.26 Aviable for download!

Download Factorio 0.15.26 you can from our site. Also aviable test patch from 0.15.23+ to 0.15.26

Changelog 0.15.26:

Version: 0.15.26
Date: 30. 06. 2017
– Fixed a crash when rendering modded pumps in some instances.
– Fixed that biters building new bases could cause a player standing in the way to be destroyed instead of killed.
– Fixed that the auto-cursor-refill wouldn’t refill if the cursor started with 1 item.
– Fixed crash related to removing power switch connected to electric pole in a blueprint.
– Fixed crash related to building electric pole that is connected to closed power switch by blueprint.
– The God controller properties can now be set through the prototype system.
– Fixed that using math.random in control.lua before the file was fully parsed was not deterministic.
– Fixed that create_entity{variation=…} was 0-based.

Version: 0.15.25
Date: 29. 06. 2017
– Fixed that energy shields would charge faster than normal when the generators couldn’t provide full power and there was a bettery with available energy in the grid.
– Fixed crash when making blueprint from power switch ghost.
– Fixed a desync when loading save files from different game versions.
– Fixed that the map gen presets listbox wouldn’t respond to mouse clicks.

Version: 0.15.24
Date: 29. 06. 2017
Minor features:
– Power switch connections are stored in the blueprint.
– The F1-F12 debug hotkeys can now be reassigned.
– Disabled pumps don’t block other pumps from connecting to fluid wagon anymore.
– Pump can connect to fluid tank that is slightly rotated, but only to tanks that are standing on straight rails.
– Changed default keybind for toggle filters on macOS to Alt + Right Click
– Blueprints in the library no longer transfer automatically when a player joins. Instead, they are transferred on-demand.
– Admins are allowed to modify other players’ blueprints in the library, including deleting them.
– Changed default keybind for toggle filters on macOS to Command + Right Click
– Fixed Infoboxes sometimes going to the center of the screen on scale change or display size change.
– Fixed the direction of underground belts/pipes wouldn’t get detected correctly when using the pipette tool in some cases.
– Fixed that accumulators had two energy bars and one of these was showing incorrect value.
– Fixed that Copy paste couldn’t be used in the numeric edit box.
– Fixed that the recipe tooltip would resize/change every time something was crafted.
– Fixed burner inserter reading signal pulses twice
– Fixed electric buffer error that could happen when updating save to newer factorio version or changing mods.
– Fixed that failing to mine an entity wouldn’t try to transfer all items in the entity.
– Fixed locomotive could snap to train stop after it was attached to an existing train.
– Fixed that the item counts when making blueprints or deconstructing things would render off-screen.
– Fixed impossible research tasks in team production challenge.
– Fixed that the blueprint library GUI wouldn’t restore scrollbar position when moving in or out of a book.
– Fixed that setting inserter filters wouldn’t update the last-user.
– Fixed that fluid would not flow through circuit network disabled mining drills.
– Fixed a crash when exiting multiplayer due to a script error while hosting a public game locally.
– Fixed pump would not connect to last tile of a train in some cases.
– Changed the format for localised mod name and description.
– Fixed that assembling machines using the heat energy source type would go inactive when out of power and stay inactive.
– Limited map gen presets pollution diffusion and dissipation rate values to prevent never-ending pollution bloating map sizes by mistake.
– Removed CustomInputPrototype consuming types “all” and “script-only”.
– entity-with-owner now supports variation in blueprints.
– Fixed that marking an entity for deconstruction through script wouldn’t fire the event.
– Fixed that level based research wouldn’t fire the research-finished event in some cases.
– Fixed that several of the drop-down related methods for LuaGuiElement were 0-based.
– Added a global Lua function “table_size” which will quickly compute the number of values in any lua table (not to be confused with the # operator).
– Added LuaGuiElement::remove_item for drop-down type elements.
– Added LuaSurface::clear_pollution().
– Added events on_console_chat and on_console_command.
– Added LuaEntityPrototype::production read.
– Added LuaControl::mine_tile().


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