Factorio 0.15.23 FULL version Changelog, Download links

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Factorio 0.15.23 Aviable for download!

Download Factorio 0.15.23 you can from our site.

Changelog 0.15.23:

Version: 0.15.23
– Reverted change that made Inserters no longer drop what they are holding when disabled by the circuit network.
– Fixed that the UI scale option wouldn’t apply until restarting the game in some cases.
– Fixed that number-input fields would also block letters/other keys.
– Fixed that tile filters in the deconstruction planner wouldn’t get used in some cases when entity filters were also defined.
– Fixed curved rail ghosts wouldn’t mark trees/rocks when force-built.
– Fixed construction robots could stop doing their jobs when roboport was destroyed or unpowered.
– Fixed long strings in the right description pane.
– Fixed that some mod mods would falsely be detected as removed and have GUI elements they added removed on load.
– Fixed that teleporting entity ghosts didn’t work correctly.

Version: 0.15.22
– Blueprints in the blueprint library are sorted using case-insensitive natural compare.
E.g. the sorting order now is “1”, “2”, “10”, instead of the previous “1”, “10”, “2”.
– Inserters will no longer drop what they are holding when disabled by the circuit network.
– The deconstruction planner filter now treats any entity filter as also matching entity ghosts of that type.
– Multiplayer creation GUI now remembers game name.
– Explosive Mine now only does damage to enemy units and structures.
– Added missing vehicle collision sounds (pipes, solar panels, etc…)
– Reduced volume of ore mining and tree chopping.
– Toggling fullscreen via options or Alt-Enter now keeps window on the same monitor.
– Fixed that in long recharging queues some robots would never get a chance to recharge.
– Fixed that it wasn’t possible to click and drag blueprints into an empty blueprint book.
– Fixed that deconstruction/blueprinting selection would be canceled if the selection ended on one of the always-visible GUIs.
– Fixed the productivity bar in the furnace GUI wouldn’t show in some instances.
– Fixed exiting a multiplayer game hosted through the in-game multiplayer option.
– Fixed that tile ghosts would always get selected over real entities.
– Fixed that the heat-connection icon was not visible on entities other than boiler and reactor. (related to modding)
– Fixed that furnace with heat source couldn’t be rotated before placing it.
– Fixed the gui of furnace using heat as energy source.
– Fix PvP Gui script error.
– Fix that clearing items in Transport belt maddness didn’t give the items back.
– Fixed that rails marked for deconstruction wouldn’t allow canceling deconstruction while a train was on them.
– Fixed that biters would change orientation rapidly when they were near a player whom they couldn’t attack.
– Fixed that Rocket Silo would continue crafting for 1 tick after completing a rocket.
– Fixed that lot of other keys that can be used to write characters in the edit box (or console) were not blocked from affecting the game
if they are assigned to do a game action. Having text box active now means that all of the keys are blocked from affecting the game.
– Fixed (hopefully), that the stretching of bounding boxes of walls to touch their neighbours was not taking into account when marking
things in the way for the blueprint.
– Fixed that the description pane would change width depending on the content. It should now never change width.
– Fixed that the shooting-target would render as valid to shoot with rockets when it actually wasn’t.
– Fixed that programmable speakers would get wrong instruments after importing pre-0.15.19 blueprint string.
– Fixed that maximized Factorio window had thin border around it.
– Fixed that vanilla and modded version of achievements could be mixed up.
– Fixed that inserters would try to insert items into other non-burner inserters.
– Fixed that fast-transferring modules into the rocket silo would put them into the module slots and the rocket at the same time.
– Fixed that the “rocket launched without satellite” message couldn’t be dismissed in some cases.
– Fixed the mining drill GUI wouldn’t show mining progress when it had a large number of modded module slots.
– Fixed fast-replacing an assembling machine with overloaded ingredients would spill the items.
– Fixed many ingredients or products in recipes would break the assembling machine GUI.
– Fixed wrong values when using /config set allowed-commands with invalid values would crash the game.
– Fixed that giving rolling stock entities invalid collision masks would crash the game.
– Mod title and description can now be localised.
– Fixed a crash when mods use reset technologies during the technology researched event.
– Fixed that modded GUI elements wouldn’t get removed in some cases when the mod was removed.
– Fixed source_effects applying effects to the source by the target instead of to the source by the source.
– Fixed setting robot.energy for logistic/construction robots wouldn’t account for the robot battery upgrade.
– Fixed that setting LuaBurner::currently_burning didn’t accept LuaItemPrototype as the docs said.
– Added LuaEntityPrototype::count_as_rock_for_filtered_deconstruction read.
– Added LuaEntityPrototype::filter_count read.
– Added LuaEntity::spawner/units read.


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