Factorio 0.15.10 FULL version Changelog, Download links

Factorio 0.15.10 Aviable for download!

Download Factorio 0.15.10 you can from our site.

Changelog 0.15.10:
– Added rail block debug visualization.
– Increased maximum wire distance of all circuit connectable entities from 7.5 to 9.
– Steam is now internally a separate fluid from hot water.
– Coal liquefaction recipe now requires steam instead of water.
– Terrain, shadow and smoke sprites are sorted into separate sprite atlases in attempt to optimize GPU memory access during rendering.
– Added burner mining drill in high resolution and replaced the normal resolution version.
– Fixed speed-module-3 recipe typo.
– Fixed downgrading underground belts by fast replace would not work for even if output piece was close enough.
– Fixed that robots trying to repair each other wouldn’t work correctly.
– More understandable description current level of technologies that have multiple levels merged into one slot in the technology gui.
– Fixed crash that would happen when loading old modded saves in vanilla Factorio.
– Fixed that it wasn’t possible to fast-transfer blueprints to other players.
– Fixed that hitting rocks with vehicles made no sound.
– Fixed blueprint preview icons scaling and size to be consistent across all places they’re shown.
– Fixed that you couldn’t delete blueprints from your trash slots.
– Fixed that storage tanks used 4 directions although visually only showed 2 so they would conflict in blueprints.
– Fixed crash when loading blueprint storage while also migrating save files.
– Fixed a useless error when locale isn’t correct for a scenario.
– Fixed possible desync related to inserter circuit network stack size control.
– Fixed that multiple passengers in a train could result in erratic behavior when trying to drive.
– Fixed that manually inserting the satellite into the silo when auto-launch is enabled wouldn’t launch the rocket.
– Fixed crash when killing yourself with your own weapon.
– Fixed F12 might freeze or crash the game.
– Fixed circuit network controlled rail signal sometimes not going red when building rails.
– Fixed crash when starting tutorial at the same tick as autosave starts.
– Fixed that it wasn’t possible to scroll the active blueprint in a blueprint book if the scroll bar was visible.
– Fixed crash when exiting some modded games.
– Fixed that Factorio wouldn’t keep file permissions when saving a map.
– Fixed that the blueprint library wouldn’t remember the player filter after opening a book.
– Fixed that player names in the blueprint library weren’t sorted.
– Fixed the blueprint book tooltips would flicker when your inventory changed.
– Fixed desync when catching up.
– Fixed desync when adding/removing blueprints to blueprint books in some cases.
– Fixed some crashes related to loading invalid combinator parameters.
– The game will now detect when joining a multiplayer game if any mods you’re using are broken such that joining the game could result in desyncing.
– Fixed that exiting the mod settings GUI without changing anything would incorrectly think you changed settings in some cases.
– Fixed crash when loading mods control.lua produces an error.
– Added favourite server icon to utility sprites.
– Added a global table “mods” – a mapping of mod name to mod version available during the prototype loading stage.
– Fixed some missing Lua docs and added information about the settings stage to the data life cycle.
– Fixed crash when trying to create stickers on entities that don’t support them.
– Fixed that LuaGuiElement::surface_index was using 0-based indexing.
– Fixed that LuaEntity::graphics_variation was using 0-based indexing.
– Fixed that LuaItemStack::active_index was using 0-based indexing.
– Fixed rendering of layered icons in custom GUI.
– Added “item” and “tags” to the robot built entity/tile events.
– Added LuaEquipment::burner read.
– Added LuaEntityPrototype::crafting_categories read.
– Added support for setting ‘tags’ and ‘custom_description’ when making items through Lua.
– Added LuaBurner::burnt_result_inventory read.
– Added LuaInserterControlBehavior stack size read/write.
– Added LuaTrainStopControlBehavior enable/disable conditions.
– Added LuaTransportBeltControlBehavior enable_disable, read_contents, read_contents_mode read/write.
– Added LuaTrain::id read.
– Added LuaEntityPrototype::supply_area_distance read.
– Added LuaEntityPrototype::max_wire_distance read.
– Added LuaEntityPrototype::max_circuit_wire_distance read.


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