Factorio 0.14.20 changelog, download game

Factorio updated to stable 0.14.20!
Download Factorio 0.14.20 on our website.

Changelog version 0.14.20 (Changelog):
-Fixed: LuaSurface didn't work for can_place_entity tile ghosts.
-Fixed curved rails woudln't correctly render as enemy forces.
-Fixed searching in the technology GUI wouldn't work in some cases.
-Fixed that the config option other.use _version_filter_in_browse_games_gui defaulted to false on linux.
-Fixed "E" (GUI) couldn't be used when numeric input fields were focused.
-Fixed that unchecking the "recipe" groups in the settings disabled subgroups as well.
-Fixed that the changelog GUI allowed editing the read-only text.
-Fixed (again) that the natural signal direction wasn't picked primarily when 2 way signal normal signal and can be built on the same spot.
-Fixed that the belts would sometimes still deactivated move items if connected to Underground Belts or Loaders.
-Fixed that the multiplayer game could crash randomly due to the packet fragmentation implementation issue.
-Added LuaPlayer::d isable_recipe_subgroups.


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