Factorio 0.13.6 changelog, download game

Experimental version Factorio updated to 0.13.6!
Download 0.13.6 Factorio on our website.

List of changes in version 0.13.6 (Changelog):

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Stack inserters are unlocked by their own research that is dependent on advanced electronics and logistics 2. This also solves that stack inserters were available but not buildable in the campaign.
Deconstructing and cancel deconstruction can be toggled between by using the modifer key.

Fixed desync when inserters would insert things directly onto splitters.
Fixed that manipulating the fuel inventory of locomotives didn't count towards the inactivity condition.
A train with a circuit condition will now always stay at the station if no wire is connected.
Fixed that steamrolled achievement was obtainable by just killing the spawner, not only by killing it by impact.
Fixed the player getting stuck in some instances when using landfills.
Fixed crash when train stop that is in train schedule of some train was opened in the map editor.
Fixed crash when the player would equip power armor they currently had open while in the same tick a robot delivered items to the player which would end up in the new slots added by the power armor.
Fixed crash when mining tiles you're standing on that results in you being killed.
Fixed load game GUI size issues when trying to load invalid save files.
Fixed fuel and water from pumps not being counted in the stats/consumed production of mass-produced items.

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