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Experimental version Factorio updated to 0.13.5!
Download 0.13.5 Factorio on our website.

Changelog version 0.13.5 (Changelog):

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Minor Features
Blueprints with labels will now show the label when holding them to-be-built.
Once mining is started over non-resources, .resources are ignored until the mine button is released.

Attempting to mutate the ' global ' table of a mod in the ' event ' handler on_load will result in an error. The ' event handler ' on_load is * only * meant for re-registering conditional event handlers and setting up meta-tables. Use ' on_configuration_changed ', ' on_init ', and migration scripts in all other instances.
When connecting circuit wires, the wire will re-anchor to the last entity clicked.
Increased collision box of stone walls slightly, to prevent the player getting stuck.

Fixed the add-list stations treating trains with the same spelling but different case as the same station.
Fixed circuit network signals not migrating properly when removing mods.
Fixed incorrect pollution rendering.
When showing the count of entities in the network, it is now showing all entities connected in the network including sub-networks connected to power switches.
crash when getting killed by a locomotive you currently had the GUI open for (for real this time).
When splitting electric networks because the switch was turned off, the network with more entities is considered the "master" which keeps the statistics.
Fixed entity power bars in the electric network statistics gui being scaled and sometimes colored improperly.
Fixed the electric network statistics merging when networks are connected by turning the power switch on.
Fixed that the last train inserter didn't grab from the cargo wagon sometimes.
Fixed crashes related to bad circuit network state caused by old mods.
Fixed that biters couldn't find a path through a thick wall of trains.
Fixed that some of the achievements didn't get reported to steam. All the achievements data are reset when migrated to this version, those reported on steam will get reloaded.
Fixed the crafting machines using slightly too much energy per recipe crafted.
Fixed that the drop item doesn't consume the key event when there is nothing in the cursor, so it works properly when the same control is used for something else.
Fixed crashes related to bad circuit network state caused by old mods.
Fixed that enemies would start attacking rails and other nearby structures after the player passed by in a train.
Fixed chests in circuit network showing double their contents after fast replace.
Fixed that changing rails while trains where waiting on the circuit conditions would cause the train to leave the station.
Fixed crash when 2 or more people would manipulate train schedules at the same time.
Fixed on_marked_for_deconstruction with tiles not including the player that marked the tile for deconstruction.
Fixed tile rendering off by half a tile in blueprint previews.
Fixed non ASCII characters didn't work in train stop names.
Fixed of the rail signal/train stop visualization planner in specific cases.
Fixed crash when opening train stops in the map editor.
Fixed missaligned blueprint blueprints are when editing and removing rails/roboports.

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