Factorio 0.13.19 changelog, download game

Stable version Factorio updated to 0.13.19!
Download Factorio 0.13.19 on our website.

Changelog version 0.13.19 (Changelog):

На Английском языке (оригинал)
-Fixed that the Golem, Watch your step and doing it right didn't activate from steam cloud on new factorio installation.
-Fixed selection boxes of trains in specific situations.
-Fixed that window was character unclosable opened when it was ordered to open exactly at the same tick when the character died.
-Fixed possible desync caused by inserters disabled by circuit network.
-Added LauSurface: regenerate_entity: (…)

-' Fixed doing "Golem" on newer versions of Factorio '.
-Fixed train selection window in some situations.
-Fixed hang, character window, if it was open at the time of death.
-Fixed possible desync called non-beacon manipulators through logical network.
-Added LauSurface: regenerate_entity: (…)


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