Factorio 0.13.0 changelog, download game

Experimental version Factorio updated to 0.13.0!
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Changelog version 0.13.0 (Changelog):

На Английском языке (оригинал)
Major features:
-Improved Multiplayer game UX (see and).
Server games are published to the server and clients can browse existing games.
Automatic discovery for the LAN games.
-Mod Portal integration. Factorio can list and install mods from the mod portal.
-Achievements and Steam Achievements in integration.
Modded games won't have the achievements recorded on steam.
Rail planner tool simplifies the rail building.
-Added fire. Fire will spread between trees and cause forest fires, causing a large amount of pollution to be released.
-Power switch. It can be used to control the energy flow. Power switch can be connected to the circuit network.
-Added the Stack inserter-an expensive upgrade over fast inserters that can move several more items at a time.
-Flamethrower turret. Fueled with fluid, shoots a stream of burning oil towards the oncoming enemies.
-Bonus gui (accessible from the sidebar gui) showing bonuses the force has a well-researched.
-Train station window contains a list of all trains (each can be opened) that have that station on their schedule.
-Single train gui now has an additional panel which shows the minimap/camera view of the given train.
-Search field to filter the selection and recipes selection windows.
-Trains gui. It displays all the trains as small minimaps with schedules, which can be searched.
-Extension of the train wait conditions.
-New locomotive, cargo wagon and train stop graphics. Locomotives can be colored. The trains are a consistent size in horizontal and vertical orientations.
-New technology tree gui.
Minor Features:
-Blueprints can be now edited.
-Added the Blueprint Book item-an item to manage blueprints. The book can be renamed and only holds blueprints.
-Map generator algorithm changed, further resource field now have greater richness.
-Added the landfill, it can be used to replace water areas with grass.
-Added yellow/black striped concrete tile that is rotatable.
-Small gui sidebar containing buttons for the main menu, production statistics, etc.
-Armors have inventory size bonuses (10 for modular armor, 20 for power armor, 30 for power armor mk2).
-Underground pipes and belts are placed at max connecting distance apart when built by dragging.
-scenario2map: Creates a save from a custom scenario, without initialising the graphics.
-The lamp can change it's color based on circuit network signals.
-Roboport is connectable to the circuit network. It sends the logistic network contents or the robot statistics of the network.
-Accumulator is connectable to the circuit network. It sends it's charge level as a percentage.
-Transport Belt is connectable to the circuit network. It can be turned on or off and it can send it's contents to the circuit network.
-Rail Signal is connectable to the circuit network. It will send the signal's state and can block trains from passing.
-Gate can be controlled through the circuit network by connecting to the wall next to it. It can be opened manually or send a signal if the player is nearby.
-The Requester chest's requested items can be set automatically from the circuit network.
-Inserters can now send the item held in hand to the circuit network. Filter inserters can have their filters set automatically from the circuit network.
-Most entities that can be turned on or off by the circuit network can also be turned on or off by directly using a logistic condition.
-Circuit network and logistic network conditions can now be accessed by icons in the top-right corner of the entity's GUI for all connectable entities.
-Connected Red/Green wires are highlighted when hovering over a combinator or entity connected to the circuit network.
-Disconnecting Wire is incorporated in the latency hiding.
-Crafting machine item/fluid total craft counts are recorded per force.
-Intro sound in the loading screen.
-Date/time to the statistics GUI (electric network/production info).
Added the ability to filter out things.
Added the ability to view all information recorded.
Made the scrollable GUI.
-Added/ban/kick/bans/admins and/admin commands.
-Added/color command, so changing the color doesn't require access to lua commands.
-When running as a server, Factorio now accepts console commands on standard input.
-When running as a server, Factorio can be told to listen for connections, RCON.
To use this, specify both the-rcon port and rcon-password-parameters on the command line. The network protocol is specified here:
-New parameter to start the headless server:-start-server-load-latest. Instead of accepting a save name, it will automatically load the latest save in the saves folder.
-The "disallow-commands" flag has been changed to "allow-commands" and accepts "true", "false" and "admins only" for values.
-It is stored and shown which player built each of the machines.
-Added cluster planet and grenade upgrades.
-Added flamethrower and flamethrower turret damage upgrades.
-When creating a new map using the-create command line option,-map-gen-settings can be used to specify the map generation settings.
-Log file reopening on SIGUSR1 and a commandline option to disable log rotation.
-The default font looks better (improved hinting for the thinnest weight).
-Labels and values in descriptions have different colors.
-Item health bars are rendered green, yellow, red based off the% health remaining like entities.
-Modules support in blueprints.
-Equipment can be put in the open grids using standard equipment inventory shortcuts (shift + click, ctrl + click).
Ease of use:
-Turret displays its range when you hover over it.
-Rail signal/train stop placement indicator.
-Indicator of train vehicle positions in a station when the building next to the track where the train would stop.
-It is possible to change the module in the slot to different one without having to clear it first.
-It is possible to upgrade modules to more powerful variant in machine by fast entity transfer.
-Clear the cursor first cancels the current action (rail, wire, dragging blueprint/deconstruction), and only removes the item from the cursor when pressed again.
-Saving a game changes the selected name and directory for next saves.
-Clicking different filtered slot in the quickbar will try to clear the currently selected quickbar item if possible.
-Cleaning item in a cursor that is taken from the quickbar slot will try to refill the slot from the inventory if possible.
-Clicking on the warning icon will open the location on the map.
-Pressing E/Escape will close the map mode.
-It is possible to move the map by clicking and dragging.
-Hovering mouse over inventory logistic request slots makes matching items in inventory to be highlighted.
-Fixed the zoom to cursor feature introduced in 0.8 that was non functional since 0.10.
-Improved the rail selection logic in junctions.
-Stone Rock can now be mined and deconstructed by robots. It gives some stone as resource.
-Input and output Combinators arrows in alt mode. Additional alt mode information can be turned on in the options menu.
-The constant combinator has an on/off switch.
-Several non-stackable items can be swapped directly with counterparts (power armor, deconstruction planner, selection tools).
-Inventory filter slots can be copy-pasted from empty slots onto empty slots using the stack transfer/split controls (shift + left click, shift + right click by default).
-The productivity module pollution addition was lowered (30%-5% 40 >% > 7.5%, 50%-10%), > as the pollution generated by the machine is already increased
by the additional energy production and time, it doesn't need to be so high as the modules are quite expensive already.
-Repair packs have double durability (100-200 >) and stack size (50-100 >).
-Changed the stack size of raw wood (50-100 >) so it doesn't fill the inventory so quickly.
-Roboport have decreased transmition power consumption (200kw-> 50kw) while the robots (and their recharging) has increased power consumption (200kW per recharge slot to 1Mw per slot)
Basically, covering area by roboports is cheaper, but using robots for transport is more expensive. To keep the personal usefulness, roboport energies used in personal roboport have been
all multiplied by 10.
-Inserters are able to squeeze things "slightly" better to belts. more resources.
-Increased size of several green science and few blue science technologies.
-Increased inventory size of cargo wagon. (30-40 >)
-Oil drains to 10% yield two times slower.
-Big and behemoth enemies spawn 50% slower.
-Armor resistances are applied before the energy shield is used.
-Increased the ghost time to live when something is destroyed from 5 + 5 minutes to a 30 + 30 minutes.
-Halved the mining time of rails, rail signals and walls.
-Changed the way evolution factor approaches the maximum (1).
The addition of evolution factor was changed from addition * (1-evolution) to addition * (1-evolution) ^ 2
This means that the progress gets more slower towards the high values.
Well-balanced train acceleration and top speed, additional wagons no longer slow trains so strongly.
-Changed the amount of items requested when copy-pasting machines there matters to the requester chests for several recipes.
-Express underground belts require lubricant to match the express belts and express splitters.
-Increased battery power storage equipment, input, and output by a factor of 20.
-Reduced number of connections drawn between roboports in blueprint and roboports on map.
-More virtual signals for combinators.
-Vitual signals can be used in blueprint icons.
-Disabled the loading of saves before version 0.10.5 (You can use to load older 0.10.12 saves and re-save them).
-Removed multiplayer peer-to-peer mode.
-Ghosts created by player no longer expire and can be placed before any researching technologies.
-Ghosts are brighter and easier to see.
Alert of entity destroyed 2 times longer exists.
-Quickbar filters are set and unset using the same key.
-Loading a scenario without control.lua will automatically load the freeplay game mode scripts.
This means new maps created in the map editor will get the freeplay game mode.
-Loading a scenario in the map editor will preserve it's scripts.
This means custom freeplay/sandbox maps can be created in-game.
-Constant combinator can be rotated.
-All types of inserters can be controlled by the circuit and logistic network, once the respective network is well-researched.
-All types of chests can be connected to the circuit network. Smart Chest was removed from the game.
-Decider combinator "input count" option makes the combinator copy the count of the specified output signal from the input signals,
instead of copying the count from the condition. This might break some setups.
-Transport belt connectable entities will disconnect from incoming (and all other) belts when marked for deconstruction.
The problem is solves is described in this bug report:
-Spaces are now allowed in file names when saving.
-Changed the fluid the color of heavy oil to match the icon color.
-Alert beep sound is activated only when something is destroyed, not by something damaged.
-Spitter attack distance is randomised slightly to make them look more organic.
-Rocket fuel can now be used as fuel.
-Saves given on command line (options-to-start-server-mp-load-game, load game, create) are always absolute or relative paths.
If the path is relative, it is relative to the current directory (where the binary is run from).
-Main menu background image is scaled proportionally now.
-Renamed "research-effectivity" to "research-speed".
-Removed light entity info background option.
-Cleaned up the freeplay and sandbox scenario scripts.
-Exiting vehicles now puts you to the left of the vehicle with respect to the orientation of the vehicle.
-Health bars are visible when partially obstructed.
-High resolution ingame indicators.
-New fire graphics for Stone Furnaces, Steel Furnace and Boiler.
-New icons for rocket fuel, low density structure, rocket, satellite control unit car and tank.
-Entities show a circuit connector when connected to the circuit or logistics network.
-Added compression for some sprites to save video memory. This can be enabled in the Graphics options.
-Added linear filtering for GUI icons. This can be disabled in Graphics options.
-New combinator graphics.
-Optimised the render gui.
-Minimap is rendered in 16 bit colors to reduce memory usage.
-Less memory usage for entities that are connectable to the circuit network.
-Faster map on unload Quit to the Main Menu or closing the game.
-Optimised pollution rendering on map and minimap.
-Optimised roboport radius rendering.
-Optimised biter pathfinding. ( )
-Optimised save file times by doing compression in parallel.
-Fixed when ordering recipe recipes had the same group and group order string.
-Limited number of explosion sounds for grenade, explosive cannon shells, explosive rockets.
-Underground belts won't connect if underground belt ghost is in the way.
-File saving is done in a safer, more atomic way. This should help prevent some cases where a safe file or the config file can go missing.
-Building sound is played also for other players in multiplayer.
-Red/green wires change electric pole orientation the same way normal connections do.
-Fixed the rotation of train vehicles to be built.
-Fixed clearing the player cursor stack and then inserting into the player the quickbar in the same tick not preferring filtered slots.
-Fixed icons when item unrecognizable playing on very low graphics settings.
-Fixed that ghost building on power poles disconnects them, as it is the same shortcut.
-Fixed multiple construction bots could be sent out to mine a single tree.
-Fixed that LuaGameScript: take_screenshot could take negative values of zoom or resolution.
-Fixed robots would carry items from active provider chests to storage chests even when the requester chest needed those items.
-Fixed setting the cursor stack from script when having a selection from a filtered slot allowing the wrong item in the slot.
-Items inserted into assemblers now update tooltips.
-Save Map editor GUI now always fits on the screen.
-Will show the mouse cursor system explicitly when exiting Steam Overlay, just in case Steam forgets to do it.
-Fixed that commands would still be disabled in single-player after loading a map created in MP with commands disabled.
-Fixed that a biter could get stuck trying to attack a building in some cases.
-Fixed unclear error message when attempting to run multiple instances of Factorio with the same write-path.
-Fixed the space key animating buttons.
-Fixed fluid getting into the wrong inputs on matters machines.
-Long tooltip descriptions (below the minimap) won't stretch the whole right column.
-Fixed being able to copy settings onto and rotate are marked as non-is operable.
-Fixed that player names wouldn't show up on the chart when the UI scale was set to 100% or less.
-Fixed that the same error message could appear twice in multiplayer.
-Fixed equipment tooltips in equipment grids not showing when putting new equipment into the grid.
-Command key can be now used as a modifier in controls on Mac OSX.
-Fixed that a peer could kick every other peer from an MP game.
-Fixed train air resistance calculation.
-Fixed wire drawing in the right-pane description for electric poles.
-Fixed freeplay and sandbox scenario initial rocket count.
-Fixed the sandbox scenario wouldn't recognize rocket launches.
-Fixed modifying item stacks directly in the player wouldn't trigger an inventory sort in some instances.
-Fixed crash when modded locomotive uses other than burner energy source. ()
-Mods need to have factorio_version value in their info which specifies the major version Factorio they are suited for, default value is 0.12.
Mods with non fitting version are not loaded.
-Added item_pickup_distance and loot_pickup_distance to player definition.
-Added invalid parameter error for data. the extend function.
-Added the ability to define additional_pastable_entities for an entity which allows copy-paste between that entity type and the defined destination types.
Useful in conjunction with the new copy-paste events.
-Added a new item type "selection tool" that fires the events on_player_selected_area and on_player_alt_selected_area.
-Unified names prototype to be consistant with ingame names. (basic-transport-belt-> transport-belt, * transport-belt-to-ground-> * underground-belt, basic-splitter-> splitter,
Basic-inserter-> inserter, basic-mining-drill-> electric-mining-drill-basic_beacon > beacon, basic-bullet-magazine-> firearm-magazine, piercing-bullet-magazine-> piercing-rounds-magazine
Basic-grenade-> grenade, basic-armor-> light-armor, basic-modular-armor-> modular-armor, basic-laser-defense-equipment-> personal-laser-defense-equipment
Basic-exoskeleton-equipment-> exoskeleton-equipment)
-Construction robots will now use any available repair tool items instead of a fixed single item defined in the prototype for the robot.
-Various indicator and game icons are defined in the utility-sprites objects, so it is now moddable.
-Added new research options: character-crafting-speed, character-mining-speed, character-running-speed, character-build distance, character-item-drop distance,
character-reach distance, character-resource-reach distance, character-item-pickup-distance, character-loot-pickup-distance, character-inventory-slots-bonus,
deconstruction-time-to-live, character-health-bonus
-Sticker entity can deal damage.
-Added a new entity type ' electric-energy-interface "that can consume, produce, and accept energy while also allowing all of its electric network parameters to be configured.
-Added flags to prototypes energy_source "render_no_network_icon" and "render_no_power_icon" to prevent rendering those icons when set.
-Removed "inventory_order" prototype property as it wasn't actually used and isn't needed.
-Removed "radius_visualisation_picture" and "construction_radius_visualisation_picture" from roboport and roboport-equipment prototypes. The pictures were moved to core.
If needed you can use "draw_logistic_radius_visualization" and "draw_construction_radius_visualization" boolean properties to disable the radius the drawing in your prototype.
-Moved LuaGame::d aytime/wind/wind_orientation/wind_orientation_change/peaceful_mode to LuaSurface.
-Added LuaEntity: held_stack_position. It tells you the world position of the arm inserter.
-Added: LuaGame:d elete_surface. The softer the surface passed in if the surface is deletable.
-Added LuaItemStack: create_blueprint ()-sets up a blueprint as if a player did it.
-Added LuaItemStack: build_blueprint () builds a blueprint as if the player built it in the world.
-Added LuaSurface::d econstruct_area ()-deconstructs an area as if the player did it.
-Added LuaSurface: cancel_deconstruct_area ()-deconstruction cancels over an area as if the player did it.
-Added on_pre_entity_settings_pasted and on_entity_settings_pasted events that pass the source and destination entities involved.
-Added "robot" to the robot related events.
-Added "chunk_position" to the on_sector_scanned event.
-Added optional "player_index" to on_marked_for_deconstruction/on_canceled_deconstruction when fired due to player actions.
This field is nil when fired from from script/non player action.
-Added LuaEntity: crafting_progress/bonus_progress to write.
-Added: LuaForce: item/fluid/resource/build counterparts to kill_counts.
-Added LuaFlowStatistics-used to read/write statistics data related to a given force (production, kills, etc).
-Removed LuaForce: set_kill_count/get_kill_count/kill_counts-these are now readable through LuaFlowStatistics.
-Added LuaGame::d isable_replay ()-disables the replay for the current save game.
-Added several player related events: on_player_cursor_stack_changed, on_player_main_inventory_changed, on_player_quickbar_inventory_changed,
on_player_tool_inventory_changed, on_player_armor_inventory_changed, on_player_ammo_inventory_changed, on_player_gun_inventory_changed,
on_player_placed_equipment, on_player_removed_equipment, on_pre_player_died, on_player_died, on_player_respawned, on_player_joined_game, on_player_left_game
-Added events for tile building: on_player_built_tile, on_player_mined_tile, on_robot_built_tile, on_robot_mined_tile
-Added LuaEntity::d amage_dealt/kills the read/write-usable with turrets.
-Added LuaGameScript: active_mods-a table of active names mod to mod versions.
-Added: LuaEquipmentGrid: get-gets the equipment at the given equipment grid position or nil if none.
-Added LuaEntity::p layer returns the player connected to the character entity.
-Added: LuaInventory, set_filter get_filter, has_filters, can_set_filter methods to get/set/clear filters on inventories that support them.
-Changed: LuaEntity/get_filter set_filter parameters around to match the inventory versions. They also now only work on inserter filters.
-Added LuaPlayer: get_craftable_count/begin_crafting/cancel_crafting/crafting_queue to read/write crafting information for a player.
-Added modifiers to the character entity that stack with the force research bonuses but are unique to the character: character_crafting_speed_modifier, character_mining_speed_modifier,
character_running_speed_modifier, character_build_distance_bonus, character_item_drop_distance_bonus, character_reach_distance_bonus, character_resource_reach_distance_bonus,
character_item_pickup_distance_bonus, character_loot_pickup_distance_bonus, quickbar_count_bonus, character_inventory_slots_bonus, character_logistic_slot_count_bonus,
character_trash_slot_count_bonus, character_maximum_following_robot_count_bonus, character_health_bonus
-Added LuaTilePrototype accessible from LuaTile::p rototype and LuaGameScript: tile_prototypes.
-Added LuaEquipmentPrototype accessible from LuaEquipment::p rototype and LuaGameScript: equipment_prototypes.
-Added LuaGuiElement: tooltip read/write-a localised tooltip for any GUI element.
-Added LuaCircuitNetwork machine-readable off with network connections are circuit and through control behaviours.
-Changed: StickerPrototype magnitude to StickerPrototype: target_movement_modifier. Speed of a Unit is not multiplied by the value of target_movement_modifier.
-Added optional "limit" field to find_entities_filtered and count_entities_filtered to limit the results.
-Added "force" to the entity_died event when the killing force is well-known-nil otherwise.
-Added: LuaEntity-read unit_number-a unique ID field used by all entities having owners.
-Added LuaInventory: index-the index of the inventory the inventory reference uses.
-Added LuaEntity: supports_backer_name () is true when an entity supports a name backer.
-Added LuaEntityPrototype: belt_speed and read underground_belt_distance.
-Added LuaEntityPrototype: result_units the result units a biter spawner can spawn.
-Added LuaItemPrototype: ammo_type read.
-Multiple stickers (i.e. slowdown capsule + fire) can be applied to a unit of the entity.
-Added LuaEntity: get_quickbar ()-gets the quickbar of the character or player.
-Changed: LuaEntity: color to work for locomotives, cargo wagons, and characters-it will return nil if used on other entities.
-Added LuaEntity: mining_progress/bonus_mining_progress read write-for mining drill entities.
-Added LuaEntityPrototype: attack_result-the attack result for entities using attacks (beams, fire, landmines, projectiles).
-Added LuaEntityPrototype: final_attack_result-the final result of a projectile attack.
-Added LuaFluidPrototype: base_color + flow_color read.
-The Train changed state event now fires when a train goes from stationary to moving or from moving to stationary while under manual control.
-Prototypes can have the optional properites "localised_name" and "localised_description" to manually define the localised keys instead of using
the auto-generated keys.
-Added sprite-button gui element works the same way as a button, but it can have a sprite name assigned.
-Added sprite gui element can have the sprite name assigned/changed and has no interaction logic.
-Custom sprites can be defined in lua data definition (type = sprite, the rest is sprite definition).
-Sprite identifier can either point to custom definition from the data, or have the form <type>/<id>, type can be (item, recipe and technology of entity), for example a button. sprite = "item/iron-plate"</id> </type>
-Renamed some defines (groupstate-> group_state, circuitconnector-circuit_connector, circuitconditionindex >-> circuit_condition_index, trainstate-> train_state)
-Removed the game. regenerate_tiles ().
-Removed game.get _player () and game.get _surface (): game. players [] and game. surfaces [] can be used instead.
-Changed game. players, game., game surfaces. entity_prototypes, game., item_prototypes., fluid_prototypes., recipes force technologies
to use custom access + iterator objects for improved performance.
-Changed game. players [] to work with both the player index and the player name.
-Added on_gui_text_changed and on_gui_checked_state_changed events.
-Changed "defines" so they're available by default and removed the defines.lua file.
-Renamed LuaForce:-logistic_robot_storage_modifier > logistic_robot_storage_bonus to better match what it does
-LuaEntity has built_by read/write.
-game. player has been removed (use game. player[#]s and associated player_index event during events).
-game. local_player has been renamed to the game. and now works through player remote calls.
-Offline players can be teleported anywhere (between surfaces or just around).
-entity.get _inventory (index) returns nil if it doesn't have an inventory for the given index instead of giving an error.
-the entity. riding_state can be set on cars without players and the car will act as if it's being driven by a player (consume fuel).
-Changed: LuaForce: current_research to accept "nil" to stop the current research.
-Added LuaTrain: front_stock and back_stock the front and back of the rolling stock entities of the train.
На Русском языке(Частичный перевод основных пунктов)
z. s Translated spontaneously, there may be typos or nadmozg. The translation is not completely, then ran out of time.

Main features:
-Improved multiplayer game.
Game server published to the server and displayed in game server browser.
Automatic detection of games on a local area network (LAN).
-Integration of the portal mods. The game can now obtain a list of mods and install them from the in-game browser mods.
-Achieving and integrating Steam achievements.
Advances in Steam do not qualify, if you play with mods.
-Railway Planner is a tool that simplifies the construction of railways.
-Added fire. Fire will spread among the trees and cause forest fires, creating a great deal of pollution.
-Power on/off switch. It can be used to control the flow of energy. The power switch can be connected to the logical network.
-Added Batch manipulator-expensive improvement faster manipulators, which allows you to move a few items for 1 times.
-Ognemjotnaja turret. Filled liquid shoots a jet of burning oil in the direction of the approaching enemies.
-Bonus Window (accessible from the sidebar interface) displays all the investigated bonuses.
-Railway station-Window contains a list of all trains (each of them can be opened) that have this station in the schedule.
-The window "selected trains", which has an extra Panel that displays the same minimap/Chamber of the trains.
-The search box to select filters and a selection of recipes.
-Train Window. It displays all trains as small mini-map with a schedule that can be found.
-Enhanced conditions waiting trains.
-New textures of the locomotive, wagon and train stop. Locomotives can be painted. Trains are now the same size horizontally and vertically.
-New technology tree window.
-scenario2map: Creates a save from a custom scenario, without initialising the graphics. (???)

Minor features:
Drawings can now be edited.
-Added book of drawings is a thing to control drawings. The book can be renamed and kept only drawings.
-Card generator Algorithm changed, more distant deposits now more "rich".
-Added All territory-allows you to remove the water.
-Added yellow/black striped concrete tile with the possibility of rotation.
-Added a little sidebar on the mini map with buttons, menu production, statistics, bonuses, etc.
-Armor now has bonus to size equipment (10 for modular armor, 20 for the powered armor and 30 for Mk2 powered armor).
-Underground pipes and conveyors are now installed at a maximum distance from each other, if we build.
-Lamp can change its color depending on the signals of the logical network.
Roboport-you can now connect to the logical network. He sends the contents of the logistical network or statistics drones.
-The battery can now be connected to the logical network. Sends the charge level in percent.
-Conveyor belt, you can now connect to the logical network. You can enable/disable and it sends statistics content in the network.
-Railway signals can now be connected to the logical network. Sends signal status and can block the passage of the locomotive.
-Gate can now be controlled using the logical network when they connect. You can open it manually or send a signal if the player number.
Loading query requests can be automatically installed through the logical network.
The handles can now report the logical network about a subject that they hold. Filtering manipulators can now obtain settings automatically from the Internet.
-The majority of the objects that can be enabled and disabled through the logical network may just turned on and turned off when applying logic signals directly.
-State logical and logistical network is now available through an icon in the upper right corner of the window object for all connected objects.
-Connected Red/Green wires now highlighted when the mouse hovers over the tipster or object connected to the logical network.
-Introductory music on the boot screen.
-Improving statistics window (electricity production).
Added the ability to filter the display.
Added the ability to display all the recorded information.
You can scroll through the window.
-Added/ban commands/kick and/admins/bans/admin for admin.
-Added/color, now do not need to change the color of the lua team.
-When working as a server, Factorio now accepts console commands on standard input.

To use this, specify both the-rcon port and rcon-password-parameters on the command line. The network protocol is specified here:
-New option to run a dedicated server:-start-server-load-latest. Instead of downloading a specific save server will automatically load last AutoSave saves from a folder.
-Flag "disallow-commands changed to" allow-commands "and takes the value" true "," false "and" admins only ".

-Added cluster grenades and improvements for the grenades.
-Added flame turrets and to improve their damage.
-To create the map team-create command line option,-map-gen-settings can be used to specify the options for generating maps.
-Log file reopening on SIGUSR1 and a commandline option to disable log rotation.
-Improvement of standard font, now it looks better.
-The names and descriptions of values now have different colors.
-Items have a status display ("health") now change color (green, yellow, red), depending on remaining%
-Support modules in drawings.
-Equipment can be installed by using the hot key in the inventory icon (shift + click and ctrl + click).
-Disconnecting Wire is incorporated in the latency hiding. (???)
-Crafting machine item/fluid total craft counts are recorded per force (?).
-It is stored and shown which player built each of the machines. (???)
-When running as a server, Factorio can be told to listen for connections, RCON. (???)

Ease of use:
-Turret display its firing range when you hover over them.
-Indicator properties at railway signal/railway station.
-Indication of the position of the locomotive at the station during construction that would keep track of where to stop the locomotive.
-Possibility to replace the module from the slot without having to release slot.
-Possibility to improve the module on a more powerful version by fast transfer.
-Cleaning the cursor first thing cancels the current action (construction of the railway, setting wires, drawings/plan for demolition), and then releases the object from the cursor.
-Save game changes the selected name and a directory for the following stores.
-Pressing different filtered slots on the Quick Access toolbar, attempts to clean up the currently selected item from the Quick Access toolbar, if possible (?)
-Cleaning of the subject in a cursor, which is taken from the Quick Access toolbar will attempt to fill up the slot of the equipment, if possible.
-Clicking on the icon will open a warning this place on the map
-Press E/Esc closes the detailed map.
-Now you can move the Map by dragging with the mouse.
-When you move the mouse over the request slots in inventory logical network will be matching items.
-Fixed the increase to the cursor, which was introduced in 0.8 and stopped working in version 0.10.
-Improved logic of choice in rail junctions.
-Stone blocks (rocks) can now be obtained manually or "dismantled" using drones. For it is given a bit of resources.
-Entry and exit Arrows at combinators in Alt mode. Additional information in Alt fashion can be enabled in the settings of the game.
-Constant multiplier has the on/off switch.
-Some not folding items can be replaced directly with counterparts. (power armor, demolition plan, the choice of instruments).
-Inventory filter slots can be copy-pasted from empty slots onto empty slots using the stack transfer/split controls (shift + left click, shift + right click by default) (?).


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