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Stable version Factorio updated to 0.12.27!
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Changelog version 0.12.27 (Changelog):

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-The area of 400 x 400 tiles is explored when the game starts.
Bufixes are:
-Fixed that merging two electric network didn't merge the statistics.
-Fixed the cyclic/overlaping win/lost sound sample when the game is finished in multiplayer.
-Fixed that the extra pipe covers could be drawn on top of connected pipes.
-Fixed misaligned turrets in the 4. New hope mission.
-Fixed some inconsistencies related to zero-signals in circuit networks.
-Fixed between the way inconstency inserters and logistic robots picked items from inventories.
Logistic robots now prefer items at the end of the inventory and ignore the inventory limit.
-Fixed: LuaForce: clear_chart () would crash the game.
-The report of different mods when trying to connect to a multiplayer game is now scrollable when needed.
-Fixed Cargo Wagon Inserter input output inconsistency. (https://forums.factorio.com/19604)
-Fixed the reporting difference when mod connecting to multiplayer game. (https://forums.factorio.com/21035)
-Found workaround for issue in Visual C++ math library that was causing crashes on an unpatched Windows 7. Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 is no longer required.
-Fixed that placing a rotated blueprint containing a splitter was not possible in some cases.
-Fixed crash after revive by player port when personal roboport is equipped.
-Optimised the map bitmap refresh logic 16 times. (the freeze after loading a game or resizing window while playing big saves).
-Fixed that the "you joined a" game paused "message would display on all peers, rather than just the peer who just joined.
-Fixed slow loading sprite on Direct3D.
-Fixed the documentation of LuaGameScript: show_message_dialog.
-Fixed the order of parameters of some functions in the documentation.
-Fixed that the research screen would pre-select Automation, even though it was disabled.
-Fixed rare crash that could happen when matters machine recipe was reset the same tick as autosave started.
-Fixed the laser/discharge defense names in the set filter dialog.
-Better error when wrong bounding box definition is given.
-Creating message dialog with non existent image doesn't crash the game anymore.
-Localisation errors will no longer stop the game, the result string will just contain the error.
-Fixed that the stone wall research was disabled in the New hope campaign level 4, so gates weren't researchable.
-The starting value of the text property of the textfield is properly set based on the input.
-Fixed that changing request slots of the entity through the opened script didn't update the ui.
-Fixed problems with string exchange map mods.
-Fixed e.g. on exit with recent NVidia drivers on Gentoo and Arch Linux
-Proper notification when quick slot bar can't be selected as there is no place to put the item in the cursor.
-Fixed crash on Linux after running xrandr-off.
-Fixed the Rocket Silo GUI skipping 53%.
-Another attempt at fixing the X 11 copy/paste.
-Better message when the server leaves a multiplayer game.
-Fixed the bad values of defines. furnace_source,. furnace_result and defines added missing efines. furnace_modules.
-Fixed that modded saves could get unloadable without mods when they have entities removed in the loading transitions that were in more than one network.
-Fixed that it was possible to have an unlimited range with a melee weapon after running out of ammo.
-Fixed that LuaPlayer: remove_item didn't remove from cursor stack when the player was using god controller.
This also fixes the bug in the tight spot scenario.
-Fixed black screen after UAC poped up in main menu
-Documented extra unit group status return values.
-Added action_range to mining tool prototype (with the default of 1.5).
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