Extraction and Production


Can be found and mined on the planet. Used to create various objects or other structures. Extracted and processed using furnaces and Boers.

Resource type Where is extracted
LogLogs With trees
CoalCoal The coal deposits
Iron oreIron ore The iron deposits
Copper oreCopper ore The copper deposits
StoneStone On deposits of stone
FishFish In reservoirs
Alien artefakAlien artifact Of the teeth or their lairs
WaterWater Of reservoirs
OilOil At oil fields

Intermediate products

Is made by the player or Assembly machines could not be used directly or posted, but necessary for the production of other recipes.

The name of the Description
BoardsBoards Produced from Logs
Iron sheetIron sheet Produced from iron ore to Furnaces
Copper sheetCopper sheet Made from copper ore in a furnace
Steel beamSteel beam Is made of Iron sheets in Oven
Stone blockStone block Is made of stone in the oven
SulfurSulfur Produced from gas and water at a chemical plant
PlasticPlastic Produced from gas and coal at a chemical plant
BatteryBattery Made from copper and iron plates and sulphuric acid, at a chemical plant
Iron RodIron Rod Is made of iron sheet
Iron rakeIron rake Is made of iron sheet
Copper cableCopper cable Made from copper sheet
Electronic circuitElectronic circuit Is used to create electronic devices
The improved schemeThe improved scheme Is used to create electronic devices
ProcessorProcessor Is used to create electronic devices
EngineEngine The key is used when creating the car, diesel locomotives and electric motor. Going to the Assembly machine
Electric motorElectric motor Used when creating the powered armor, robots and Small pumps. Going to the Assembly machine
The skeleton of a flying robotThe skeleton of a flying robot Used to create Logistics and building robots
Research package 1Research package 1 Used for research
Research package 2Research package 2 Used for research
Research package 3Research package 3 Used for research
Alien research PaquetAlien research package Used for research
ExplosiveExplosive Produced from sulfur, coal and water at a chemical plant
Solid fuelSolid fuel Very profitable heating fuel. Produced from fuel oil, diesel oil and petroleum gas. Incineration produces 25MJ (unlike 8MJ coal combustion)


The name of the Description
Petroleum gasPetroleum gas Produced from petroleum refinery (or of diesel fuel at a chemical plant). It is used in the production of plastics, Advanced circuits, sulphur and sulphuric acid (battery)
DieselDiesel Produced from petroleum refinery (or of fuel oil at a chemical plant)
Fuel oilFuel oil Produced from Oil Refinery
Sulphuric acidSulphuric acid Produced from sulphur, water and iron sheet at a chemical plant
Produced from fuel oil at a chemical plant. Used when creating the Express pipeline and electric motor

Extraction and processing of liquids

The name of the Description
TrumpetTrumpet Used for transporting liquids and gases. Only one type of liquids may be in the pipes, when trying to connect different types of tube will be removed automatically.
Underground pipe
Underground pipe
It is also used for transporting liquids and gases, but goes under the ground, for a maximum of 9 cells.
Coastal pumpCoastal pump Used for the extraction of water from the reservoirs. It is primarily used to ensure water boilers and steam generators.
ReservoirReservoir Allows you to store 2500 units of any type of liquids. To determine the direction of the incoming and outgoing pipes it is recommended to use small pumps, thereby flows inside pipes.
Oil refineryOil refinery Recycles oil on 3 different types of fluids: fuel oil, diesel oil and petroleum gas. These fluids can be sent in tanks or directly, at chemical plants.
Later, you can explore the second production technology, and clean oil getting other ratios of the oil products.
Maximum power consumption: 420 kW (electricity)
Production speed: 1
Pollution: 3.6
Slots for modules: 2 slots
Chemical plantChemical plant Chemical plants used to recycling or production of petroleum products.
Maximum power: 210kW
PumpjackPumpjack Produces oil from deposits. One field can be installed only on one machine-rocking. Initially, the mine has 100% petroleum units. Over time it is produced and the volume of production decreases. The minimum level of deposits-10%.
Maximum power: 90kW
Production speed: 1
A small pumpA small pump Used to maintain the pressure in the pipes over long distances. Or to channel the flow in the pipes in the right directions.
Maximum power: 30kW
Pumping speed: 0.5
An empty barrelAn empty barrel Lets you store and transport 25 units of oil