Damage and resistance

Types of damage

As in many games, damage Faktorio is subdivided into types.

Type Of Damage Source
Physical Bullets (normal/AP) fraction (normal/bronebojnaja), Bitters, axe (iron/steel), collision (trains/cars)
Fire Flamethrower
Acid Worms-turrets
Poison Capsules with poison
Blast Rockets, explosive missiles
Laser Laser turrets, robots distraction/destroyers, personal laser protection


As such, resistance is divided into two aspects:
Proportional resistance has an effect first and reduces damage by a percentage.
Absolute resistance reduces damage to a specific numerical value until the final damage will not become smaller units; the remaining absolute resistance will be used to calculate the denominator in a fraction of the final damage:

Damage Resistance (ABS.) The resulting damage
5 0 5
5 1 4
5 2 3
5 3 2
5 4 1
5 5 1/2
5 6 1/3
5 7 1/4
5 8 1/5