Factorio updated to experimental 0.14.13!
Download Factorio 0.14.13 on our website.

Changelog version 0.14.10-0.14.13 (Changelog):

На Английском языке (оригинал)
Version: 0.14.13
-The/config command now co-operates through get and set/config/config.
-Added additional options to the comand/config: allow-commands, max-upload-speed, autosave interval-
AFK-auto-kick, verify identity-user-only-admins-can-pause, ignore-player limit-for-returning-players.
-Added tab-complete logic to the parameters: config commands, color, and help.
-Updated Team production challenge with 2 new challenge modes and a new map set.
-Reconnecting to multiplayer game that the player already is in (being dropped or) instantly closes the previous connection and connects the player.
-Improved performance when using a lot of vehicles with equipment grids in multiplayer. (//forums.factorio.com/33688)
-Improved performance in the Trains of the GUI when trains have large schedules. (//forums.factorio.com/33421)
-Fixed desync loop related to solar panels in more than one electric network.
-Fixed desyncs related to movement of damaged vehicle.
-Fixed module requests getting removed if concrete was built under them. (//forums.factorio.com/33655)
-Possibly fixed hang in stopping sounds when exiting Factorio on Windows. (//forums.factorio.com/33639)
-Fixed the small errors of movement in latency hiding.
-Fixed Gui related script error in team production challenge scenario.
-Fixed crash when attempting to set belt directions to the diagonal directions. (//forums.factorio.com/33641)
-Fixed duplicate grenade damage 5 research. (//forums.factorio.com/33606)
-Fixed car/tank rotation speed was half what it should be. (//forums.factorio.com/31815)
-Fixed map downloader getting stuck and flooding the network after a big timeout.
-Fixed rotating of flamethrower turret placed. (//forums.factorio.com/33700)
-Fixed that would warn about unchecking/achievements even in situations where achievements weren't possible. (//forums.factorio.com/33597)
-Fixed that custom gui input was processed even when the game was being saved in singleplayer. (//forums.factorio.com/33682)
-Fixed that wouldn't work after being boiler replaced by bots. (//forums.factorio.com/33723)
-Fixed possible desync when boiler would get destroyed and created a ghost.
-Fixed crash when destroying fire during the entity_died event. (//forums.factorio.com/33763)
-Fixed that error messages of wrong zip files in the mod folder weren't giving error message that would be informative enough. (//forums.factorio.com/33790)
-Added read property LuaEntity: has_direction.
-Added LuaTile: hidden_tile.
-Added the ability to use LuaSurface: get_tile (0, 0) or LuaSurface: get_tile ({0, 0}) when getting tiles.
-Added: LuaGameScript: connected_players: LuaForce read and read connected_players.
-Added check that the selection box contains the[0, 0] point.
Version: 0.14.12
-The following settings are now settable only in server settings:
allow_commands-default is "admins only"
autosave_interval-default is 10
autosave_slots-default is 5
afk_autokick_interval-default is 0
auto_pause-default is true
-Added/toggle-heavy-mode command. It can be used to generate files that help us to investigate server
in a state where all new players get a desync loop.
-Desync reports are now much bigger, but have a bigger chance of being useful.
-Fixed trains slowly moving forward when stopped on a signal (//forums.factorio.com/32733).
-Hopefully fixed Lua desyncs caused by string formatting functions behaving differently on different platforms.
-Fixed desync related to locale keys defined by different languages. Item names now use the locale key of the first
item-to-place, the first equipment-to-place, or if both of those are missing the normal "item-name.name"-unless
manually set in the prototype. (//forums.factorio.com/33573)
Version: 0.14.11
-Server is started with-start-server-load-scenario will now save to saves/<scenario name=""> upon exit.</scenario>
-Multiplayer usernames can only consist of letters, numbers and-_. characters.
-Possible fix for a server not responding error.
Version: 0.14.10
-Disabled multiplayer support in the 32 bit version of the game.
-Fix of the Potential crash after desync.
-Fixed desync related to electric network statistics of accumulators.
-Fixed assertion fail in tightspot level-05 (//forums.factorio.com/29724)
-Removed 2 redundant research prerequisites. (//forums.factorio.com/33097)
-Fixed non even selection boxes of locomotive versus cargo wagon. (//forums.factorio.com/33078)
-Fixed that Factorio would crash when unable to delete a mod. (//forums.factorio.com/33228)
-Fixed that the chart would display user's names from other surfaces. (//forums.factorio.com/33226)
-Fixed alignment inside tiles blueprint preview/editor. (//forums.factorio.com/28250)
-Fixed player limit disallowing connection attempt in public server list. (//forums.factorio.com/33377)
-Fixed mod browser filters and ordering being lost. (//forums.factorio.com/33277)
-Fixed freshly pre-installed mods not being marked in the mod browser. (//forums.factorio.com/33277)
-Fixed signals sometimes not finding their child signals properly. (//forums.factorio.com/33148)
-Fixed up/down keys in the schedule were not properly selecting gui. (//forums.factorio.com/33227)
-Additional keys is ignored when the console is opened. (//forums.factorio.com/33411)
-Fixed that aliens would ignore the very narrow paths they could barely fit through. (//forums.factorio.com/33069)
-Fixed that numbers were sometimes rounded differently on 32 bit systems in lua.
-Fixed that the game would freeze when game speed was set to a value less than 0.1. (//forums.factorio.com/33317)
-Fixed cargo wagon air resistance being smaller than that of the locomotive.
-Fixed loading of "require_user_verification" from server-settings (It was called verify_user_identity at one place and require_user_verification at the other).
-Fixed underground belt fast replace when replacing the same belt multiple times. (//forums.factorio.com/33019)
-Fixed rendering of turret range when construction network area overlay is also being drawn. (//forums.factorio.com/33057)
-Temporary decrease of decorative entities counts.
-Fixed server max upload speed.
-Fixed that Factorio wouldn't give an error when-start-server-load-scenario was combined with-start-server or-start-server-load-latest. (//forums.factorio.com/33055)
-Fixed beam would apply one extra damage tick. (//forums.factorio.com/32973)
-Multiplayer map downloading GUI shows average over the last 2 seconds instead of 20 seconds.

Factorio updated to experimental 0.14.9!
Download Factorio 0.14.9 on our website.

Changelog version 0.14.6-0.14.9 (Changelog):

На Английском языке (оригинал)
Version: 0.14.9
-Added admin field to server-settings. json list of case sensitive usernames that will become admins on connecting.
-Admins are exempt from player count limit.
-Fixed that the server could be running even if it was supposed to be stopped.
-Fixed Modded key bindings would fire extra times if 2 mods had the same keybinding. (//forums.factorio.com/33050)
-Fixed that the players by index parsing in scripts didn't work correctly. (//forums.factorio.com/33125)
-Fixed that Factorio wouldn't release memory back to the OS after unloading a large save on Linux. (//forums.factorio.com/33151)
-Fixed crash when restarting Factorio due to mod change when the executable is read-only on Linux. (//forums.factorio.com/32991)
-The Game will no longer be capped at 300UPS when using high game speed and vsync. New cap is FPS * 5 * game speed. (//forums.factorio.com/33123)
-Fixed possible crashes when setting the parameters of the combinator.
-Fixed that clients could send a lot of useless data when recovering after connectiontion problems while playing a multiplayer game.
-Fixed that overload_multiplier recipe wasn't used for furnaces. (//forums.factorio.com/33121)
Version: 0.14.8
-The crc check cycles between sets of 10 players, reducing the time of it in crowded games.
Minor features:
-Disconnecting wires now updates the "last user" tag.
-Technology progress is preserved when the research is changed before it is completed.
-Added ignore_player_limit_for_returning_players option to the server-settings and equivalent when hosting from the game.
-Added in game/config password command. It allows server admins to change the server password.
-Added in the/config command max-game players. It allows server admins to change the maximum number of players.
-With more than 10 players in a multiplayer game, the server only saves the map for joining players once in a while,
so the game isn't are interrupted by saving every couple of seconds in bigger games.
It goes from the 1s with 10 players up to 45s with 450 players (which is the maximum).
-Added only_admins_can_pause_the_game into the server settings.
-Fixed that you could enter enemy vehicles. (//forums.factorio.com/32724)
-Fixed that zooming the view during pause (via Shift-Space) would teleport the player. (//forums.factorio.com/32758)
-Fixed vehicle machine guns not showing bonuses. (//forums.factorio.com/32747)
-Fixed performance issue on maps with lot of surfaces (for example maps with Factorissimo mod.)
-Fixed not opening the gates for characters soon enough. (//forums.factorio.com/32818)
-Fixed some campaign levels didn't allow interacting with any entities at some places. (//forums.factorio.com/32839)
-Fixed crash when opening the character in the GUI map editor. (//forums.factorio.com/32081)
-Fixed redundant technology requirement. (//forums.factorio.com/32886)
-Fixed server browser playtime column formatting (//forums.factorio.com/32942)
-Fixed crash related to rail-signal connection. (//forums.factorio.com/32740)
-Fixed crash when healing attempt is refused. (//forums.factorio.com/32937)
-Fixed that when server quit/dropped, the dialog could be hidden behind the menu. (//forums.factorio.com/32859)
-Optimised inserting items to chests with large inventories; This will boost performance for some games with Warehousing mod. (//forums.factorio.com/32384)
-Fixed duplicate mods the game crashing on startup (//forums.factorio.com/31790)
Instead, a notice box is displayed and the highest (possibly unzipped) version is preferred.
-Moved the downloading/saving/loading progress bar of other people in a scroll pane so it doesn't cover the whole left part of the screen with a lot of people.
-Fixed the quickbar selection wouldn't update properly when interacting with other entities in some cases. (//forums.factorio.com/32952)
-Fixed that-benchmark would process its argument differently than all other command line parameters (//forums.factorio.com/32993)
-Fixed crash when loading a game with character in flying vehicle from the mod that is over water. (//forums.factorio.com/33014)
Version: 0.14.7
-Fixed GUI technology in single player.
Version: 0.14.6
-Drop detection got a little bit stricter so drop the timeout was increased from 10 to 20 seconds.
-If you log in with your email address, your multiplayer gets set username to your actual username, not your email address.
Minor features:
-Added-start-server-load-scenario command to start the scenario with the given name.
-As a tribute to Arumba's mega-game, the "build by" was renamed to "last user" and it is updated whenever the entity is:
rotated, has the condition changed setting circuit pre-pasted, changed filter recipe changed output signal changed combinator settings changed
-Added speed change based on zoom when in god mode into the latency hiding.
-The player was killed messages now contain a name of the entity or player who caused that.
-Player killed messages are shown only to players of the same force.
-Fixed that zoom to cursor didn't work in ghost/god controller.
-Fixed that player dropped, but it shown the "the can't keep up the message" instead.
-Fixed that server got when changing the deselected or sorting filters in public game list. (//forums.factorio.com/29561)
-Additional attempt to make the keyboard settings compatible between linux and windows. (//forums.factorio.com/29686)
-Fixed that player crafting categories accepted empty string as value, which resulted in the crash later. (//forums.factorio.com/32507)
-Fixed that the progress bar during updating mods wasnt moving (//forums.factorio.com/31844)
-Fixed beam damage_interval of 0 would crash the game. (//forums.factorio.com/32527)
-Fixed gates wouldn't open while in a vehicle without a character. (//forums.factorio.com/32525)
-Fixed GUI scaling in the mod browser. (//forums.factorio.com/30196)
-Fixed (hopefully) that the wrong server details were displayed (//forums.factorio.com/27110)
-Fixed that it wasn't possible to build rail blueprint over floor-tile ghost. (//forums.factorio.com/32454)
-Fluid status icons will display floored values, same as all other icons. (//forums.factorio.com/32439)
-Fixed crash that prevented the game to start on some OS X configurations. (//forums.factorio.com/32515)
-Fixed that changing direction from character script didn't work. (//forums.factorio.com/32318)
-Fixed game getting stuck when a new account was created from the Steam version (//forums.factorio.com/31642)
-Additional signal/rail building fix. (//forums.factorio.com/30350)
-Fixed that some entities would not remember their circuit parameters in the map editor. (//forums.factorio.com/32153)
-Fixed the tooltip update wouldn't blueprint when clearing a blueprint. (//forums.factorio.com/32038)
-Fixed crash when loading some old save files containing circuit connections to be removed. (//forums.factorio.com/32009)
-Fixed crash when removing migrated equipment grids due to mod removal while mods had references to the grids. (//forums.factorio.com/32420)
-Fixed wires wouldn't get applied to inserters through blueprints in some cases. (//forums.factorio.com/32045)
-Fixed that the player could get unkickable under specific circumstances.
-Fixed train crash when it found a path in the opposite direction that it just started moving. (//forums.factorio.com/29610)
-Fixed Factorio updater didnt pass command line arguments when restarting the game after update. (//forums.factorio.com/32412)
-Fixed crashes when loading old or some invalid maps in the map editor. (//forums.factorio.com/32488)
-Clearer error messages and interaction when loading old or invalid maps.
-Fixed curved rail bounding box not allowing large electric poles to be build in specific configurations. (//forums.factorio.com/32532)
-Fixed that joining games through Steam wouldn't work. (//forums.factorio.com/32479)
-Fixed not being able to interact with the error dialog when an error happens while interacting with GUIs. (//forums.factorio.com/32259)
-Fixed UI not responding to input in some situations when progress guis were shown. (//forums.factorio.com/32522)
-Fixed personal roboport wouldn't update properly when modded equipment was used in some cases.
-Fixed train ignoring wait conditions in some cases (//forums.factorio.com/32562)
-Fixed chain signal visual state right before a station (//forums.factorio.com/30881)
-Fixed that the client was stuck when he disconnected after a reconnect.
-Fixed Save As GUI not responding to input after multiplayer with chat on the pop open. (//forums.factorio.com/32574)
-Fixed inserter placement in the 2nd level of new hope campaign mission. (//forums.factorio.com/31688)
-Server automatically deletes temporary files save once the upload of finishes.
-Fixed recipe tooltips containing fluid in matters machines wouldn't show the available fluids properly. (//forums.factorio.com/32647)
-Fixed desync when placing floor blueprint and mining placed ghosts at the same time. (//forums.factorio.com/32378)
-Fixed that you could disconnect wires in from Transport Belt Madness scenario's Electric Poles. (//forums.factorio.com/29168)
-Fix Potential of crash after desync.
-Attempted to handle socket error unblock in a way that won't crash the game. (//forums.factorio.com/32663)
-Added LuaGameScript::p rint-print to all players.
-Added LuaForce::p rint-print to all players on the force.
-Added LuaSurface::p rint-print to all players on the surface.
-Fixed entities with positive emissions_per_tick would generate pollution even when pollution was disabled. (//forums.factorio.com/32602)
-Renamed LuaEntity to built_by: LuaEntity: last_user

Factorio updated to 0.14.5 pilot!
Download Factorio 0.14.5 on our website.

Changelog version 0.14.2-0.14.5 (Changelog):

На Английском языке (оригинал)
Version: 0.14.2
Minor features:
-Notify when someone starts or changes the research in the console.
-Allowed to specify the limit of the upload speed when hosting a multiplayer game.
This can be also specified when creating the headless server in the sserver-settings file by setting the max_upload_in_kilobytes_per_second
-When selecting player logistic requests and auto-trash filters the filter is automatically set to the item in the cursor if any.
-Increased the time the text written in the console (chat/commands) stay on the screen fully visible.
-Increased the distance of rail direction check for signal building from 3 to 5 rail segments
-Fixed signal to rail connection in junctions when rails are build after signals.
-Fix Potential of desyncs related to transport belts and circuit network.
-Experimental attempt to limit server upload speed when it is too high and it causes all other players to have their latency increased.
This logic is only used when the "max_upload_in_kilobytes_per_second" is not specified.
-The download speed starts at higher value and grows faster.
-Fixed that personal logistics would stop working.
-Fixed crash related to removing progress bars when exiting the multiplayer.
-Fixed constant combinator description not showing negative signals.
-Fixed missing "saving-local-variant of-mp" key.
-Fixed that rail remnants were not always properly removed when horizontal rails were built over.
-Fixed that server would crash on second RCON connection.
-Fixed that-allow-commands sometimes wouldn't take effect.
-Fixed that attacking an enemy spawner with the flamethrower wouldn't aggravate enemies.
-Fixed the drag-map control defaulting to shift + mouse button 1.
-Fixed achievement layout problems.
-Fixed logging in with an email address for mod/server browser wasn't working.
-Fixed a ping in the server browser not working.
-Don't offer to save after server drop/quit when the map isn't actually loaded.
-Fixed GUI trains wouldn't scroll correctly when searching.
-Fixed crash when mining a vehicle the character was in while over water.
-Fixed that it was possible to put more energy into accumulator than its capacity through the script.

Version: 0.14.3
Minor features:
-When selecting anything that uses item/signal filters the filter is automatically set to the item in the cursor if any.
-When save scenario is loaded of in multiplayer, it's scenario is saved in user scenarios.
-Added/command to print the current map.
-Added option to host a multiplayer game with scenario (it only had new game/load game there).
-server-settings. json are automatically used if they are in the write path and not specified on the command line.
-Fonts specified in a locale configuration now have to specify the name of the mod in their paths.
For example, the default font is now specified as "default = __core__/fonts/TitilliumWeb-Regular.ttf".
-Fixed desync related to selection of trains.
-Fixed slowdown in recipe tooltips with large amounts of recipes.
-Fixed show_gui not working with game. take_screenshot.
-Fixed "turned on graphics safe mode for all Steam users, which set the graphics settings to low values.
-Fixed that the game eated all the CPU in headless mode when no player was there.
This also fixed that the memory used grew few bytes per tick when being a server.
-Fixed console commands not working when entered directly on Windows headless server.
-Fixed that the server would ignore specified username when given a login token.
-Fixed that it wasn't possible for mods to use custom fonts.
-Fixed crash when removing mods that had items on transport belts that were connected to the circuit network.
-Fixed that right clicking in the menu craftign to craft items 5 wouldn't de-focus the search widget.
-Fixed that joining paused game resulted in a black screen that was there until someone else it unpaused.
-Fixed errors when loading map2scenario that an edited save file that contained matters machines connected to inserters.
-Fixed that the exit message was wrong when the person just dropped. (saying he couldn't keep up)
-Fixed that after reconnecting to server using the small save/quit/reconnect window didn't close the window.
-Potential desync fix related to locomotives being selected in the same tick they are mined by someone else.
-Fix Potential of crash after a desync.
-Moved LuaControlBehavior::d to::d LuaGenericOnOffControlBehavior isabled isabled and fixed it to work correctly.
-Fixed crash after confirming the other settings as a server in a multiplayer game.

Version: 0.14.4
Minor features:
-Included the ghost/god controller movement in the latency hiding.
-Research notifications are only printed to players of the same force.
-Removed the/team command, chat is team only by default, added/shout (/s) command to speak to everyone.
-Tweaked the/help command, so it prints just the list of commands, and it is required to write/help to get details
-Fixed crash when entities are migrated across types while in blueprints.
-Fixed crash when setting filters in the map editor.
-Don't allow to deconstruct tiles that have nothing under it.
-Added read/write of LuaPlayer: tag. This tag is added to the player's username in chat and on map.
-Added LuaEntityPrototype: logistic_mode read.
-Added a 4th (optional) parameter to LuaGameScript: write_file to write only for a specific player (or the server).
-Fixed crash when entities are migrated across types while in blueprints.
-Fixed crash when setting filters in the map editor.
-Additional desync fix related to selection of trains.
-Fixed crash when canceling deconstruction of tiles of other force.
-Fixed crash related to reconnecting to a game after 3 desyncs
-Fixed crash when using the quickbar shortcuts in ghost mode in multiplayer.
-Fixed crash when changing the controller is in multiplayer while the player opens the entity GUI with inventory.
-Fixed crash when opening entities that only exist in the latency hiding.
-Additional latency state fixes related to lag spikes and latency changes.
-Fix of one way (hopefully the only one), the ghost player could appear.
-Fixed freeze with specific modded recipes.
-Fixed LuaForce: research_progress could return invalid values in specific cases.
-Fixed error when manually calling LuaGameScript: raise_event ().
-Added additional inventory defines: car_fuel, car_trunk, car_ammo, and cargo_wagon.
-Fixed that the server commands didn't work when there was noone online and the autostop was on (again) ()
-Fixed that LuaUnitGroup: wouldn't update the set_command command of its members.
-Fixed that mod GUIs would get left behind if the mod was disabled due to an invalid factorio_version.
-Fxied that the Lua console would ignore first pressed key if the toggle console "control was bound to a mouse button.
-Fixed wrong fonts used for languages using non-latin characters.
-Fixed crash on blueprint placement with rail signals with connected wires.

Version: 0.14.5
-Added Team Production Challenge scenario to the base game.
Minor features:
-It is possible to/ban players who aren't present in the map.
-The headless server saves the banlist in banlist .JSON file, so a server owner can maintain a single banlist across multiple maps.
-Added/silent-command: Same as/c, but doesn't print the command ran to every console is. Available only to server admins and over RCON or server console.
-Added/purge: removes all messages by the given player from chat. Admin only command.
-Added/clear-clears your chat window.
-Added/mute and unmute: prevents the given player from talking in chat. Admin only commands.
-Added/mutes: displays all muted players.
-Added/ignore and unignore: ignores messages from the given player. Admin and RCON messages are still shown.
-Added/ignores: displays all players you're ignoring.
-Command names in the console can be tab-completed.
-Player names in the console can be tab-completed.
-Added AFK Auto kick interval to multiplayer host settings (with never as default).
-Fixed that the headless server would create a character when run with-no-auto-pause. This prevented people from joining their own servers.
-Fixed that the game could desync when LuaForce::p layers was used, as the order was not in well defined order.
-Fixed making blueprints wouldn't reset the build rotation.
-Fixed that the actions were triggered input even though a text box was focused.
-Fixed that blueprint/deconstruction would run while on the map view.
-Fixed train getting stuck on a yellow signal ()
-Fixed that the notification about changed research was shown even when the other player selected the same research as already in progress.
-Fixed that underground belt "teleported" few items when the connection was built.
-Fixed that the mod info gui wasn't scrollable, so it didn't fit the screen sometimes.
-Fixed that saving scenario to the same directory it was loaded for resulted in deleting all the script and locale files.
-Fixed that the menu wasn't accessible when the countdown was the respawn there, until the menu was closed and opened again.
-Fixed inserters sometimes taking items from cargo wagons not in front of it.
-Fixed that clicking a mod's GUI during an autosave would crash the game.
-Fixed/reply wouldn't work properly when players have names with tags.
-Fixed shadows being drawn over pipe and storage tank windows.
-Added LuaEntity: supports_direction
-Changed LuaEntity: irection to not write:d error if the entity doesn't support directions.
-Moved the top of the gui to be above the left gui as in 0.13 ()
-Added: afk_ticks and LuaPlayer LuaPlayer: online_ticks.

Stable version Factorio updated to 0.13.20!
Download Factorio 0.13.20 on our website.

Changelog version 0.13.20 (Changelog):

На Английском языке (оригинал)
-Fixed the demo wasn't working.
-Fixed equipment grid GUI didnt size properly in some cases.
-Fixed "factorio_version" not being checked correctly in some cases.
-Fixed "unknown" error in some cases when using radio button GUI elements.
-Fixed crash when a mod custom event event would error.
-Added LuaGuiElement: type read.

-Fixed demo is not working.
-Fixed gear window was of inadequate size in some cases.
-Fixed "factorio_version" does not properly tested in some cases.
-Fixed "unknown" error in some cases, when using the radio buttons of the GUI elements.
-Fixed error when changing the custom event.
-Added LuaGuiElement: type read.