Factorio 0.14.1 changelog, download game

Factorio updated to experimental 0.14.1!
Download 0.14.1 Factorio on our website.

Changelog version 0.14.1 (Changelog):

На Английском языке (оригинал)
-Fixed that exiting hosting game could stuck Factorio forever.
-Possible fix game not showing in browse game list.
-Fixed that a very big number of biters on a map could cause very significant UPS drop.

-Fixed possible hang when exiting Factorio created game.
-Possible fix, due to which the game does not appear in the game list.
-Fixed a significant fall of UPS due to the large number of Teeth on the map.

Factorio 0.13.19 changelog, download game

Stable version Factorio updated to 0.13.19!
Download Factorio 0.13.19 on our website.

Changelog version 0.13.19 (Changelog):

На Английском языке (оригинал)
-Fixed that the Golem, Watch your step and doing it right didn't activate from steam cloud on new factorio installation.
-Fixed selection boxes of trains in specific situations.
-Fixed that window was character unclosable opened when it was ordered to open exactly at the same tick when the character died.
-Fixed possible desync caused by inserters disabled by circuit network.
-Added LauSurface: regenerate_entity: (…)

-' Fixed doing "Golem" on newer versions of Factorio '.
-Fixed train selection window in some situations.
-Fixed hang, character window, if it was open at the time of death.
-Fixed possible desync called non-beacon manipulators through logical network.
-Added LauSurface: regenerate_entity: (…)

Factorio 0.14.0 changelog, download game

Experimental version 0.14.0 is updated to Factorio!
Download 0.14.0 Factorio on our website.

Changelog version 0.14.0 (Changelog):

На Английском языке (оригинал)
-Changed train wait conditions to use standard boolean precedence for evaluation, instead of a simple left to right evaluation accumulative.
-Tank machine gun range Increased to 20.
-Fixed console command warning not feature through save-load.
-Fixed that vehicle machine guns would show in the logistics and inventory request filter selections.
-Fixed crash when number animation variations of unit-spawner entity is reduced.
-Fixed clearing blueprints didn't clear the label.
-Fixed crash when removing entities that had active alerts.
-Fixed that sending random garbage to the RCON port could crash Factorio.
-Fixed GUI size issues with modded recipes that have a ton of effects.
-Fixed script errors with tight spot level 5.
-Fixed the market entity not migrating/handling removed items it was offering.
-Fixed sound settings not applying when pressing escape.
-Fixed a crash that would happen after changing UI scale with the inventory.
-Fixed deconstruction would reset the build rotation value.
-Fixed copy-paste between inventory sizes inventory applying the restriction oddly.
-fixed game. regenerate_entitiy () not working at all.
-Fixed that it was possible to create an matters machine with zero energy usage.
-Fixed crash when trying to connect to wires with wire 0 connection distance.
-Fixed: LuaSurface: map_gen_settings. shift not working.
-Fixed positions would get chunk improperly rounded instead of floored.
-Added LuaConstantCombinatorControlBehavior: read/write enabled.
-Added an upper limit to the resolution parameter of LuaGameScript: take_screenshot function. Limit for width and height is 16384.
-Added LuaStyle: visible property read/write.

Fixed multiplayer
1) internal reliability and stability.
2) Players don't have to wait for other customers to download and load the game.
3) reduction in network traffic.
4) to open the menu and quit the game while connected to the game.
5) server does not stop/slow down the game, when a player is too slow (suggested), disconnects or saves the game longer than the server.
6) players automatically ejects from the game after 3 synchronization errors.
7) download speed settings.

Added "/team" to send a message to all the players on one team.

Minor features:
When selecting equipment filters-filter is installed automatically on the cursor, if any (?).

Disables the ability to boot saves old versions (before 0.11.0 (you can use 0.11.22 to upload your old saves and save them again).
Removed the option to enable/disable hide delay (?), she is now always enabled clients (and turned off on the server).

Factorio no longer crashes when disabling Direct3D devices due to the lock screen or going to sleep.

Added mesh equipment for: cars, tanks, locomotives and freight cars.
Changing the categories of equipment and grid equipment * which determine what equipment may be installed in this grid *.
Changed equipment grids to work as protoypes: defined and referenced by things that use them. (???)

* Hardware Mesh window, where you can set different modular items to modular armour player now and transport.

-Fixed: LuaSurface: map_gen_settings. shift not working.
-Fixed positions would get chunk improperly rounded instead of floored.
-Added LuaConstantCombinatorControlBehavior: read/write enabled.
-Added an upper limit to the resolution parameter of LuaGameScript: take_screenshot function. Limit for width and height is 16384.
-Added LuaStyle: visible property read/write.

Factorio 0.13.15 changelog, download game

Experimental version Factorio updated to 0.13.15!
Download Factorio 0.13.15 on our website.

Changelog version 0.13.15 (Changelog):

На Английском языке (оригинал)
Version: 0.13.15
-Fixed that rotating the quickbar would make the headless server crash.

Version: 0.13.14

-Secure your investment Surplus items from crafting are again available for crafting other items.
For example, crafting two green circuits will no longer result in two extra copper wires in the inventory is. This only applies to items that are automatically crafted as a prerequisite; the items the player has explicitly requested to craft will not be used to satisfy the dependencies of any further orders.
-Factorio will output to console window in UTF8 on Windows.
-Fixed crash when trying to connect the copper wire to invalid entities out of range in the latency state.
-Fixed burner fuel sources would keep their energy when dying and being rebuilt by robots.
-Fixed inserters would try to grab items from rails instead of chests/entities when build in specific setups.
-Fixed disconnecting chests or constant combinators not correctly clearing circuit network.
-Fixed a crash that sometimes happened after canceling manual crafting.
-Fixed a bug where canceling a prerequisite product would cancel more than necessary.
-Fixed crash when trying to connect power switches in map editor.
-Don't force Vsync off on OpenGL.
-Fixed error in tight spot level 5.
-Fixed a bug where a GUI is would be reset when any other player in MP pressed the "switch active quickbar" button.
-Don't allow sideloading onto a disabled belt.
-Fixed game hanging with certain train configurations (loop where the last rolling stock touches the first).
-Fixed chain signal colors not being updated when setting signal states from the circuit network.
-Fixed mod updates sometimes not being found with a large amount of mods.
-Fixed browser mods not being sorted after searching.
-Fixed regenerating entities on a map.
-Fixed watch-your-step achievement for real this time.
-Fixed "failed to create display" error when switching to another window immediately after launching Factorio.
-Fixed isses with saving to an NTFS junctions.
-Significantly reduced the high CPU usage caused by the main loop logic from 0.13.10.
-Fixed input loader didn't resume loading after being deactivated due to full target container.
-Fixed crash when loader connected to splitter is destroyed.
-Fixed map corruption and crashes caused by some API functions allowing entities to be used
across surfaces when they aren't setup to handle it.
-Fixed evolution_factor could be set to a negative number, resulting in a base build errors.
-Fixed crash when using entity of type ' flame-thrower-explosion create-' with ' entity ' trigger effect.
-Fixed: LuaGameScript: take_screenshot () would fail if destination file contained non-english character in its path.
-Added LuaEntity: filter_slot_count read.
-Added LuaEntityPrototype: mining_drill_radius read.
-Added LuaTrain: station read.
-Added LuaDamagePrototype and LuaGameScript::d amage_prototypes read.
-Added LuaEntity: read loader_type.
-Added LuaRemote: remove_interface (name).
-Changed LuaRemote so interface names must be unique to maintain save/load being wherein.
-LuaEntity: revive () will return the entity revived as a second return value if successful and if the ghost was an entity.

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