Friday Facts #365 – Future plans

Posted by kovarex, Factorio team on 2021-02-05


the 1.1 release is the final release of the vanilla game. It will be maintained, so bugfixes, simple modding interface additions, or minor tweaks can happen, but that’s about it.

The future

So, what are we going to do? There are several possibilities. Retiring is not really an option for several reasons, not going insane being one of them. There are some smaller experiments outside the Factorio realm that we want to do, but apart from that, we still want to extend the game. There is a large pool of ideas, so all we have to do is to just pick from the most potent ones. But the question is: How to package them?

There are basically 4 options:

  • Free updates forever
  • Factorio 2
  • Small DLC packs
  • One big expansion pack

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