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This site is a portal for the game Factorio, in other words-this is the website of the Russian-speaking community for the game Factorio.

Community live November 18, 2013 onwards, when it was decided to contact the developers and create a group on Vkontakte. At the moment (01.03.2015) in the group there are 3600 people and every day this number increases-which means that every day Factorio becomes a little more famous in Runet. And we are very happy!

To expand the audience of the game portal and it was decided to create a community site, thereby increasing the number and availability of necessary information (compared with VC).
In addition to duplication of functional groups of ВК-site (and Forum) will have some great features.
So, what you can do on Factorio.su:

  • Read the Friday facts, fully translated into Russian (and, if anything, even in Ukrainian);
  • Read translated lists of changes;
  • Download full version Factorio for all platforms;
  • Select and download a variety of mods for the game;
  • Find answers to all your questions (regarding games, respectively);
  • View screenshots gallery, or share your own;
  • Chat on any topic on the game (and not only)
  • Try yourself in the role of a journalist or a Director and cameraman, and become a famous author of entertaining posts or videos of different genres.

But, this is not a definitive list, and will over time be supplemented or edited to fit the needs of the community.
In the meantime, we hope that you like our site, and it turned out to be a little helpful to you!

If you have any serious comments or suggestions, you can contact us via the form below:


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