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Factorio обновилась до стабильной 0.14.21!
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Список изменений версии 0.14.21(Changelog):
Fixed that the game could crash when a game disappeared from the matching server before its details were requested.
Fixed that numpad numbers didn’t work for any game controls.
Fixed crash when merging forces while a player in one the force to be removed was crafting something.
Fixed game would be stuck in main menu if Join Game on Steam failed for some reason.
Fixed possible save corruption when roboport was destroyed while robot was repairing it.

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Factorio обновилась до стабильной 0.14.20!
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Список изменений версии 0.14.20(Changelog):
— Fixed LuaSurface::can_place_entity didn’t work for tile ghosts.
— Fixed curved rails woudln’t render correctly as enemy forces.
— Fixed searching in the technology GUI wouldn’t work in some cases.
— Fixed that the config option other.use_version_filter_in_browse_games_gui defaulted to false on linux.
— Fixed «E» (close GUI) couldn’t be used when numeric-input fields were focused.
— Fixed that disabling recipe groups in the settings disabled subgroups as well.
— Fixed that the changelog GUI allowed editing the read-only text.
— Fixed (again) that the natural signal direction wasn’t picked primarily when 2 way signal and normal signal can be built on the same spot.
— Fixed that deactivated belts would sometimes still move items if connected to Underground Belts or Loaders.
— Fixed that the multiplayer game could crash randomly due to the packet fragmentation implementation issue.
— Added LuaPlayer::disable_recipe_subgroups.

Factorio 0.14.19 признана стабильной версией!
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-Fixed that the demo version couldn’t start.
-Fixed that items (like grenades) could be used also in the map view. (35565)
-Fixed tutorial level 2 scripting.
-Fixed weird recipe sorting in the demo.
-Fixed that the game crashed when it was closed while sound settings were opened.


-Fixed Supply scenario Gui when playing in multiplayer.
-Fixed unresearchable gates technology in New hope campaign level 1. (35224)
-Fixed LAN games getting deselected. (35486)
-Fixed crash when clearing items robots held through script. (35585)
-Possibly fixed xrandr related crash on Linux. (35430)

Minor features

-Added minimum_latency_in_ticks to server settings (for headless server) and into config (for starting game from gui).
-Enemy players are shown on the map when the chunk is being charted (a radar or player is exposing it).

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Factorio обновилась до стабильной 0.14.17!
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Список изменений версии 0.14.17(Changelog):
Version: 0.14.17
Date: 27. 10. 2016
— Fixed quickbar clearing wouldn’t work when taking part of the stack.
— Fixed that mod browser sorting column would be ignored after using the search.
— Actually fixed Has Mods filter in browse games GUI.
— Fixed that the «can’t open enemy structures» error would show when it was never possible to open any GUI for the entity.
— It’s now not possible to switch to the install-mods screen while there are mods pending deletion.
— Fix constant combinator ignoring item_slot_count prototype change after creation.
— Tweaked map transfer algorithm.

Version: 0.14.16
Date: 25. 10. 2016
— Fixed crash related to technology migration. (https://forums.factorio.com/35161)
— Fixed item sub groups wouldn’t be used in the recipe GUI when item groups were disabled.
— Public and LAN game visibility are now separate settings (in GUI and in server-settings.json),
and they can be toggled runtime with the /config command.
See data/server-settings.example.json for a way to specify the visibility, as the old one will not work anymore.
— Fixed has password/mods filters not working.
— Fixed problems with determining external IP address for MP games.

Version: 0.14.15
Date: 24. 10. 2016
— Improved the browse-mods GUI by downloading mods while browsing the mods list.
— Improved the delete-mod functionality in the installed-mods GUI.
— Achievements unlocked locally without using steam get unlocked on steam once the game is started in steam mode.
— Storage tanks connected to the circuit network will output floored fluid values instead of rounding them.
— Fixed that biters would sometimes attack non-polluting entities.
— Added commandline option —bind to select an ip address to host a game at
— Fixed that different capitalisation of the same username could be used to: 1. join the game twice 2. evade the ban list 3. evade admin list.
— Fixed fluid info would get rendered twice when alt-info was on while hovering the mouse over assembling machines.
— Fixed that it wasn’t possible to connect with too many mods.
— Fixed crash when pasting huge strings into mod GUIs.
— Changed the clear blueprint icon to the trashcan icon and moved ot on the left of the cancel button, so it is less confusing.
— Fix of possible leak of information box windows when closing game.
— Fix PRINTSCREEN and SCROLLLOCK not working as keybinds.
— Fix map download limit not working for speeds under 101KB/s.
— Added LuaSurface.set_chunk_generated_status().
— Added defines.chunk_generated_status.